Make Money Using Apps That Really Work And Pays You

In today’s world, there are apps for everything and some of them pay you money for doing little to no work. In this post, you learn some of the top apps for mobile that pays you money as real cash and as cashback for doing your everyday purchases and activities.

I have used these apps on my iPhone and they are available for android phones too. After. using these apps I have earned free money every money and you can find the top list of apps that pay you in the following sections.

I want to focus on the top three apps that give you money as soon you start using them. There are more best cashback apps that you can read and learn more about. It might suit your own situation and shopping habits or tasks you do routinely.

Top 3 apps that pay you money

Here is the app that is legit and pays you money for using them. All you have to do is little to nothing such as doing your everyday purchases online or in-store, playing games, doing surveys, etc. Pick an app from this list and try it and see the monetary rewards they offer you.

1) Fetch Rewards – Points that work to get you real money

Fetch Rewards is a points-based app that gives you points for your shopping receipts. The points can be redeemed as e-gift cards. Once you reach a particular point you can redeem rewards.

The points accumulate pretty quickly and you redeem rewards are different levels such as 3k, 5k, 10k, and so on. I got my $50 gift for my 50,000 points last year which is good extra money for holiday shopping.

New users can click this invite link to download Fetch Rewards with the referral code bonus of $4.

Fetch rewards to make money and apps that work

2) Dosh pays your automatic money that’s real!

Another great app that I use is the Dosh app which pays you real money for your everyday purchases. The great thing about this app is that once you link your credit or debit and use it for buying things, your cashback is credited automatically.

Dosh scans your purchase history using the linked cards and applies cashback rewards without you needing to upload or scan receipts.

Dosh pays yo direct money, for example, 3% cashback money for SamsClub or Costco purchases. 2% at Macy’s and lots of popular stores. Read my full review of this app with a special Dosh referral code for your free $10 for just signing up and installing this app.

3) Fluz app – Instant money as cashback – no points – no receipts

Fluz app is another great money app I would say. With this one of a kind apps you can make real money for everything you do online and it will work like a charm. I got paid good cash when I used it for almost 2 years. I am still using this legit cashback app. You simply generate a gift card using the app and use that gift card to pay for your purchases. For example, you generate a $10.23 gift card for your total at the checkout at Walmart. Use this gift card to pay for your purchase. You get 3% to 4% cashback in money not points, real money in your Flux app account immediately. This is the fastest paying app as far as the top three apps are concerned.


You should also try other apps that reward money in cashback for gas and grocery purchases. Check out my post on Earn Money With These 5 Mobile Apps for other apps that pay you real money