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Upside gas station brands the US

Looking for Upside gas stations that offer gas cashback rewards? You can find the list of Upside gas App participating gas stations easily. Let’s look at how you can find them in this post. Do you need to find a nearby gas station to get cash back on gas using Upside? As an Upside user, you will need to know where the Upside participating gas stations and stores are that offer the highest rewards.

Upside Gas Stations

Some Upside gas stations offer higher cashback rewards per gallon compared to others in the same area. But they are almost the same offer with a few cents difference. But a few cents can make or break your happiness, right? You want to go to the location that gives you the highest Upside gas rewards per gallon of gas.

The important thing you need to know is where can I use this app. Which gas stores participate in this Upside cashback program and where are they located? If you are in the US, you are in for luck because most places in the US participate in this cashback program offered by Upside.

Back in 2017 when the Upside App first came out, it had only a few gas station locations in the US like Washington D.C, Florida, and a few more. But as of 2021, it has grown so fast that it has spread all over the US map. Upside app just added more than 3,000 new stations nationwide and is now in more places than ever! So, no matter where you and your friends live, participating stations are likely nearby.

List of Upside Gas Stations near me

A complete list of Upside app participating stores in the US can be found here.

Click your state and you can drill down to locations within that state. I use the app to put in a zip code and it zooms in on that location and shows participating gas stations. But, you can look at the below list to find your state for a participating location that allows you to use the Upside app.

Click on your state name where you live and get a list of stations participating in the Upside cashback rewards program. The number of stations is provided in the brackets and you can click and get the list. For example, Alaska has 30 fuel stations and stores where you can use the Upside app and earn cashback.

  1. Alaska(30)
  2. Alabama(314)
  3. Arkansas(280)
  4. Arizona(611)
  5. California(2,162)
  6. Colorado(534)
  7. Connecticut(285)
  8. District of Columbia(48)
  9. Delaware(96)
  10. Florida(2,119)
  11. Georgia(1,265)
  12. Hawaii(92)
  13. Iowa(242)
  14. Idaho(104)
  15. Illinois(1,143)
  16. Indiana(826)
  17. Kansas(263)
  18. Kentucky(386)
  19. Louisiana(427)
  20. Massachusetts(471)
  21. Maryland(464)
  22. Maine(35)
  23. Michigan(674)
  24. Minnesota(485)
  25. Missouri(701)
  26. Mississippi(202)
  27. Montana(142)
  28. North Carolina(1,267)
  29. North Dakota(26)
  30. Nebraska(224)
  31. New Hampshire(101)
  32. New Mexico(283)
  33. Nevada(72)
  34. New York(844)
  35. Ohio(802)
  36. Oklahoma(593)
  37. Oregon(205)
  38. Pennsylvania(271)
  39. Rhode Island(49)
  40. South Carolina(773)
  41. South Dakota(42)
  42. Tennessee(726)
  43. Texas(3,776)
  44. Utah(10)
  45. Virginia(841)
  46. Vermont(58)
  47. Washington(540)
  48. West Virginia(80)
  49. Wyoming(39)

Up-to-date information on participating pump

To find up-to-date information on what the Upside app participating gas stations, restaurants, and grocery store locations are available near you, visit their website search page at

The number of participating gas stores in the US is growing every day. The entire US will have all gasoline stations participating in the cash-back program. Check out my post on the comparison of Upside Vs Gas Buddy.

Does GetUpside work at truck stops?

GetUpside does not work at truck stations but there is another for that. That app is not that popular and the name is Mudflap. Read my post on the Mudflap gas app review to learn how the Mudflap app can save you money at truck stops.


Upside gas stations are expanding to more locations every day. Keep checking the list of gas stations on the Upside website to get the newest ones near you.

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