Best Dosh Referral Code Is RAMESHN3 – Grab This Hot Offer Of A $10 Bonus

Dosh referral code for the app website showing cashback deals

Sign up for the Dosh cashback app and earn automatic cashback at popular stories now you can use referral code RAMESHN3 and get a sign-up $10 bonus. With the Dosh app, you can earn cashback for receipts, automatically at popular stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Download the Dosh app today and get a $10 bonus!

Dosh referral code

Is there a Dosh referral code that I can use during sign-up as a new user?

You can now use this Dosh referral code “RAMESHN3” by entering this code in the Dosh app to get the $10 bonus.

Another way to get the referral bonus is by installing the Dosh app on your smartphone using this Dosh referral code link which will automatically apply the $10 referral bonus.

How to enter the referral code in the Dosh app?

Here is how you can enter the referral code in the Dosh app install. Follow the below steps to enter the code in the app.

Step 1: First, download the Dosh app

Download the Dosh app for your smartphone from the app store. Click below to go there and get the app.

Step 2: Join Dosh by sign-up with your email and phone number

Open the Dosh app and then click Join at the top right corner of the screen. This is how you create your new Dosh account.

Dosh app welcome screen for sign-up

You will need to enter your email and phone number. A phone number is required to verify that you are a real person.

entering email during sign-up for Dosh account

Please note: New users can quickly get the sign-up bonus simply by clicking this referral link for Dosh to download it. This link automatically applies the $10 referral bonus so you don’t have to enter it in the Dosh app.

The Dosh app will text you a verification code that you must copy and paste on the sign-up screen to validate you are a real person.

phone verification number Dosh app

Step 3: Finally, enter the promo code RAMESHN3 in the Dosh app

On the next screen, you will be entering your name and password. Enter the Dosh referral code RAMESHN3 on this screen to get your $10 bonus. You can log in using the phone and password you have used during this sign-up process.

If you are an existing user, you can open your Dosh app, tap on the menu, and tap “Add referral code”. Enter the code RAMESHN3. You will get your $10 sign-up bonus instantly.

Dosh referral code FAQs

What does a valid referral code look like?

It is a combination of characters and numbers and you can paste or type it into your Dosh app referral screen to get a sign-up bonus. New users who downloaded the Dosh app can receive a $10 bonus when they use this referral bonus code. Simply sign-up with your email address and enter the code in the referral code screen. I will show you how to enter this referral code in the Dosh app in the next section.

How to find your own Dosh referral code?

Go to the menu and then tap on the “Refer” link. You will see your referral code in the Dosh app which you can use to share with your friends.

Referral Code link in Dosh app
Dosh Referral Code

How do I cash out my Dosh referral code bonus and earnings?

You can redeem cash back directly to your bank. See the complete instructions on how you can do this in this post.

When I used the Dosh app, I quickly realized that My cashback was quickly noted in the app where I can see my pending cashback. Thins only thing I did not like is that it can take up to 90 days for the cashback to be confirmed for you to redeem it as cash.

Dosh pending cashback showing in app

If you try to withdraw your cashback that is showing as pending, you will get this message that you need to make a valid purchase. It might show as your cashback is still pending in your case. I have tried this and the screenshot below will help you to understand how this Dosh app works when it comes to redeeming your earned cashback.

What is Dosh customer support for the referral code not working?

You can contact them in the browser after login in with your email or phone number. Click here to go to their customer support website. If you are using the Dosh app, you can contact them by tapping the menu and selecting Support & Help. There you can tap the Help at the top right corner and submit a customer support form with details of your issue.

You can use these options to submit any issue be it a missing online cashback or a money transfer issue.

What is the Dosh app?

Dosh is a cashback app that gets you instant and automatic cash back at thousands of stores when you shop, dine, or book hotels. You don’t need to scan receipts or apply coupons. Just download the app or find it in your preferred way to pay, such as Venmo or Jelli.

From shopping to booking hotels, the Dosh saves you money everywhere you go. The best part is that it offers discounts on prescriptions as well. Earn automatic cashback when you shop at popular stores such as Walmart, Pizza Hut Dunkin, Sephora, GNC, and many more!

Earn cashback when you eat outside. With so option ways to earn cashback, your earnings go up quickly and there are many ways to redeem your cashback too. Earn at least $25 which you can then transfer to your bank, PayPal or Venmo, or donate your cashback to charity.

What are the Pros and cons of the Dosh app?

It has lots of pros and no cons except one which is not a big deal in my opinion.


  • Earn cash back automatically once you link your debit or credit card. Your cards are stored securely (256-bit Bank Level encryption)
  • Get cashback at popular stores such as Walmart, GNC, Proactiv, Disney+, and 10,000 more places.
  • Get cashback at Hotels.
  • Dosh has a good referral bonus program


  • There are no other options to redeem your cashback (for example, PayPal, store e-gift card, check, charity, etc…)

Dosh is a very good app for earning cashback and you should join today. Watch this Dosh review YouTube video to learn more about the Dosh cash-back app.


You should use the Dosh app referral code and take advantage of this sign-up offer. With the Dosh app, you can earn even more money in the short term. It depends on how frequently you use the Dosh app for your purchases.

If you are interested in more sign-up bonuses, check these posts for referral codes of great money-saving apps namely the Fetch Rewards referral code and Fluz app referral code.

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