Dosh Referral Code “RAMESHN3”. Here’s What You Need To Know.

image showing the legit referral code in Dosh app

If you are a savvy shopper and trying out Dosh? Right now, you can use a Dosh referral code and unlock the sign-up bonus of $1. This bonus is only a small start to huge savings. Read along and I will list all the good savings you get with this app every day and automatically as you shop.

Update: Dosh’s referral program ended on January 29th, 2024. But still this referral code “RAMESHN3” was created before the referral program ended. So this code is still valid and users can still earn a sign-up bonus of $1 when they redeem this code.

Note: If you are new to Dosh, read my review of this Dosh app. YOu will learn how this app works and its pros and cons. I also explain why this app is legit.

So, enter this valid referral code “RAMESHN3” immediately and get this bonus. Dosh rewards you with cashback on your everyday spending.

Here’s what you can do right now to redeem this bonus offer easily, click on this Dosh invite link. Start saving today on in-store and online purchases. There are no receipts to upload and no tracking points! I will break it down all for you from how to enter a referral code and how you can benefit from using the Dosh automatic cashback app.

What is Dosh referral code?

A Dosh referral code is a unique string of characters that gets you and the person who referred you a bonus when you sign up for the Dosh app. Here’s how it works.

You use a referral code when signing up: During the Dosh signup process, there will typically be a section to enter a referral code. When you enter a valid referral code, you and the person who provided the code will receive a bonus (the amount may vary).

Dosh app welcome screen for sign-up

How do you redeem a Dosh referral code?

Redeeming a code requires you first to download the Dosh app. If you don’t have the app, download the Dosh app and create a free account. now, follow the steps below to enter it in the app.

  1. Enter the referral code RAMESHN3 during signup to activate your bonus.
  2. Now, link your credit or debit cards to the app—this is how Dosh tracks your eligible purchases.
  3. Lastly, redeem your cash-back earnings for real money via PayPal or direct deposit.

The easy part is that you can start shopping at participating stores and restaurants. You’ll automatically earn cash back on your purchases without extra effort!

Why should you use Dosh?

Here’s why Dosh should be your go-to app for effortless rewards. I use it for my shopping for these good reasons.

  1. As I mentioned, Dosh has a wide range of participating merchants: Earn cash back at hundreds of popular stores and restaurants, including grocery stores, gas stations, clothing retailers, and more.
  2. Automatic rewards: No need to scan receipts or activate offers. Dosh does the work for you to earn effortlessly.
  3. Multiple redemption options: Choose to receive your cashback via PayPal, direct deposit, or donate it to charity.
  4. Exclusive offers: Access additional deals and discounts within the app to maximize your savings.
  5. Easy tracking: Monitor your earnings and progress easily within the app.
  6. Dosh is a safe app. It employs industry-standard encryption to safeguard users’ financial data.

Therefore, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn cash back on the things you already buy! Download the Dosh app today, enter referral code RAMESHN3, and start reaping the rewards of smart spending.

Did you know that there are apps just like the Dosh app? Yes, apps like Upside, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards and more. Please read my blog post and you will see that you will save more when you combine these apps.

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Earn cashback doing nothing!

cashing out Dosh pending cashback in app with referral code

Let’s take a real-life example of myself using this Dosh app. First, I made purchases as I normally do. As a result, I earn cashback. You can see the purchases in the screenshot below that I made from Sam’s Club and Uber Eats using the same credit card I have registered in the Dosh app. I then got my cashback in the app after my purchase was confirmed.

It might take some time for certain merchants since Dosh takes time to verify your purchases, especially purchases related to travel and hotels.

Other than that the cashback is credited to your account quickly within days of your purchase.

If you try to withdraw your cashback that is showing as pending, you will get this message that you need to make a valid purchase. It might show that your cashback is still pending in your case.

I have tried this and the screenshot below will help you understand how this Dosh app works for redeeming your earned cashback.

Proof that Dosh is an awesome cashback app

One more example of how I earned cashback at Addidas. I earned $2.97 as cashback for my purchase. The same credit card has been linked to my Dosh app. When I purchased this nice shoe at Adidas, Dosh recognized my eligible purchase and linked card and it rewarded cashback automatically! I just got an email as you can the screenshot of it.

To my surprise, I forgot that Dosh has a cashback offer at Adidas. Hence, you can see how easy and no-brainer to earn cashback with Dosh.

So, keep shopping with the card you linked to your Dosh account. Your cashback earning grows purchase after purchase!

screenshot of my Dosh cashback earnings for my Adidas purchase

How do I cash out my Dosh referral bonus and earnings?

Ready to enjoy the fruits of your Doshing endeavors? Cashing out your referral bonus and earned cash back is straightforward. Here’s how:

1. Minimum Threshold: Ensure your Dosh balance reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold before cashing out. Dosh currently requires a minimum of $25 to initiate a cash-out.

2. Choose Your Reward: Once you reach the threshold, it’s time to decide what to do with your hard-earned Dosh! You have three options:

  • Transfer to PayPal: The quickest and most popular option. Link your PayPal account within the Dosh app and transfer your cashback instantly.
  • Direct Deposit: You can also opt for a direct deposit to your bank account. Set up your bank details within the app to receive your Dosh rewards directly.
  • Donate to Charity: Feeling generous? You can donate your Dosh earnings to a worthy cause directly from the app.

3. Cash Out Process:

Last but not least, this is my favorite method.

  • Open the Dosh app and head to your “Wallet” section.
  • Tap on the “Cash Out” button.
  • Select your preferred method (PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Donate).
  • Enter the necessary details depending on your chosen method.
  • Finally, review and confirm your request.

4. Processing Time: Remember that the cash-out requests are usually processed within 1-3 business days for PayPal and Direct Deposit. Nevertheless, donations are credited instantly.

Dosh alternatives for earning cashback

When looking for alternatives to Dosh for earning cash back, several popular options stand out. Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Cash App are among the top choices of users. Ibotta allows users to earn cash back on everyday purchases by scanning receipts or linking loyalty accounts.

Fetch Rewards also offers cash-back rewards by scanning receipts, but it primarily focuses on grocery shopping. Additionally, Cash App provides various cashback opportunities, including purchases made using the app or Cash Card. These alternatives provide users with different ways to earn cash-back rewards, catering to a variety of spending habits and preferences.

In a nutshell

One last thing. Dosh has a monthly maximum cash-out limit of $500. Keep track of your balance and plan your cash outs accordingly.

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly enjoy the rewards of your Doshing expertise! Keep spreading the love by referring friends and watch your cash back stack up even faster. Happy Doshing!

If you encounter any issues with your cash out or have further questions, contact Dosh’s dedicated support team for assistance.


How many times can I share a referral code?

Yes, The use of a referral code is unlimited. This means that you can refer as many friends as you like. There is no specified maximum limit to the number of times your referral code can be redeemed. So, the more friends you successfully refer using your code, the higher the potential earnings you can accrue.

What is the general timeframe for crediting of Dosh referral earnings after a qualified purchase?

Your Dosh referral earnings will be credited within a few minutes after your friend completes a qualified purchase.

Do some transactions take longer to be processed?

It may take up to 30 days for certain transactions to be processed for Dosh referral earnings.

When will I receive the Dosh cashback credit after I complete a qualified purchase?

After your friend completes a qualified purchase., your Dosh referral earnings will be credited to your account within a few days.

Can Dosh referral earnings be transferred to your PayPal account?

Yes, you can transfer your Dosh referral earnings to your PayPal account.

Can I buy things using my Dosh referral earnings?

Yes, you can use your Dosh referral earnings to make purchases at any merchant that accepts credit or debit cards.

How does the number of people referred impact the amount of cash-back rewards one can receive?

The more people you refer to Dosh and who make qualifying purchases with their linked cards, the more cash-back rewards you can earn, creating an opportunity for increased rewards based on the number of successful referrals.

How does the referral program work in terms of giving out cash-back rewards?

The Dosh referral program rewards you with cash back for each friend who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase with their linked card using your unique referral code.

What is the benefit of sharing your unique referral code with others?

Sharing your unique referral code allows you to earn cash-back rewards when your friends sign up with Dosh and make qualifying purchases using their linked cards.

What is the process for earning rewards for every friend who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase with their linked card?

The more people you tell about Dosh and share your referral code with, the more cash back rewards you can receive for each friend who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase using their linked card.

How can one earn cash-back rewards through referrals?

By giving out your unique referral code, you can earn cash back rewards for every friend who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase with their linked card.