Best Cashback Apps for Online Shopping, Dining, and Travel

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In this post, we will look at the best cashback apps to earn cashback on gas, groceries, and everything else that you won’t even find on Reddit. If you own a smartphone, chances are you have your favorite cashback apps.

Finding the top cashback apps in the app store is a daunting task with so many apps these days. We all do shopping online and in-store, buying gas and groceries frequently. You can now save money automatically while doing these things automatically!

Even if you have to order food outside, you can still save some money with these best apps that earn you cashback so easily. Some apps save money and with some mobile apps, you earn money too!

We will look at the best gas cash-back apps and best grocery cash-back apps as of July 2024

Are these top cashback apps worth downloading?

These top cashback apps are worth downloading and reward you with a lot of money while you do your everyday routine work. You can save money on gas, save money on groceries, and also save money at Drug stores, Convenience stores, Discount stores & Other Stores!

Some of the best apps that give you more rewards for doing everyday shopping are listed below. Try them for a week and you will be amazed at how much they earn cashback rewards for you. I have earned $400 or more every year just for using one of the apps. Once you use them you will see how the cashback earnings add up with these apps on your phone.

List of best cashback apps as of July 2024

Cashback apps are just like coupons that you use at the store except these cashback apps are on your phone now and you scan your grocery receipt for rewards. Once you install an app that you consider the best, create an account and log in to the app. Every time you finish your online or in-store shopping, come home or right at the parking lot if you like – pull out the receipt.

Now, you open the cashback app and scan the receipt and you get points or cash as a cashback reward deposited in your account. Some of the apps like Upside do not even require you to upload the gas receipt.

You simply confirm the last four digits of your card and your purchase is automatically tracked and cashback gets into your account with very few steps.

Here’s my list of cashback apps that are the best of the best and worth downloading today. I have categorized these apps as gas cash-back apps and receipt cash-back apps.

Receipt cashback apps

1) Fluz – you will love this best cashback app

Fluz is a free cash-back app that keeps giving back. You can earn money while you shop, and keep earning whenever your friends do. There are no transaction fees and no signup fees. Click here to download Fluz, sign up, and get 6 free cashback bonus vouchers as bonus! Read my full review of the Flux app along with the referral code.

2) Dosh – $1 sign-up bonus – One of the best apps for earning cashback rewards

Do you enjoy and love earning cashback as much as I do? The Dosh app allows you to link your cards and earn varying amounts of cashback on participating shops and restaurants. No more uploading receipts.

Read my post on the Dosh referral code and review it for a sign-up bonus code and full review.

Once you accrue at least $15 in your account you can transfer the money to your bank, your PayPal, or donate to charity. But there are a few different ways you can go about snagging cashback with dosh so let’s look at five of those ways right now.

Dosh is another of my best cash-back apps that gives you cash back for receipts. You don’t have to upload receipts. When you use the credit or debit card that is added to the DOSH app, you simply go and do your shopping with any of those cards

Once you pay and finish your shopping, your eligible cashback is automatically credited to your account. It is that easy. Download the Dosh app today and get a $10 sign-up bonus.

So the first way to earn with Dosh is to simply link your credit and debit cards to the app. Just for signing up and adding your first card – will deposit five dollars into your account to get you started.

Furthermore, each additional card you link will net you another dollar.

Here’s something to keep in mind

However, one thing to keep in mind is that each card can only be added to one account so if you share a car with anyone else you’ll need to decide who gets to earn the dosh.

With all of your cards set up the next way to earn cashback from dosh is to take advantage of their in-store offers which usually get you between two and ten percent. This is my favorite way to earn because it’s super easy.

All you have to do is complete your purchase at the one-listed location using your linked card and where applicable – will show up automatically. In fact, in my experience, my rewards have been delivered within a few minutes of me making the transaction. If there’s a downside it’s that the in-store offers are somewhat limited. however – does seem to be adding new partners regularly and there is also a mix of both national chains and local retailers currently participating.

Of course, those more populated areas will likely have more options to choose from as well. Now while I do prefer Tasha’s in-store offers the app has several deals with online retailers as well. To score cashback in several online stores you’ll need to shop using the links provided within.

Although this isn’t always the most convenient option your efforts might be rewarded by additional deals and promotions that are often added to retailers’ listings. This could mean things like free shipping or a percentage off of your purchase in addition to your set cashback amount.

Dosh’s Cashback App Travel

You would also check out Dosh’s Travel section which is offering cash back for booking hotel rooms. I haven’t had the chance to book a hotel room using Dosh yet but I did play around with the app to do some price comparisons. To my surprise,

I came across a room in Hong Kong that would not only reward me with more than $70 cashback on a two-night stay. I was also listed for less on dosh than on Expedia even better – is currently offering an extra $25 in cashback when you book your first hotel room through the app. Dosh has deals on gas station purchases but these deals are not available in all locations in the US.

Now you can see why I need to start planning my next vacation. Another great way to rack up the best cash back on the Dosh app is to refer your friends and family to these apps.

When you click the social tab within the Dosh app, you’ll find a unique link. You can share this link via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or just by copying it.

3) Rakuten

When you shop online at 2500+ online stores, you can cash back on your purchases using Rakuten. You get paid every three months and also earn a cash bonus when you join and shop. It is completely free.

Just install it for your browser and you are ready to go online shopping and earn cash back! For a limited time, get a $40 welcome bonus when you spend $40. To get this offer join using this Rakuten invite link.

4) Ibotta – popular cashback app

iBotta app showing list of eligible stores

Join Ibotta today and get the best cashback app! Earn cashback whether you are shopping online or in-store with this app called Ibotta. Using this app or the browser toolbar, you will get a lot of opportunities to earn cash back on everyday purchases such as groceries, clothing, pet supplies, etc.

Install the app on your smartphone or if you are using a computer, install the browser toolbar and you are ready to earn cashback! This app also has deals on gas purchases where you can earn a cashback discount on gasoline.

Join Ibotta today and get the best cashback you ever experienced in your shopping routine whether it is every day or every other week. Earn cashback with 500+ exclusive offers at your favorite grocers and delivery services. Look out for more retailers coming soon!

Join Ibotta today and get the best cashback!

5) Fetch Rewards – best cashback app for any shopping online/in-store

Turn your receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. Just click the link below and you’ll get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt. I vote for this app as the best grocery cash-back app.

Join Fetch Rewards today and get a sign-up bonus of 2000 points!

6) Receipt Hog – still one of the best cashback apps that are best on its terms

receipt hog photo one of the best grocery cash back apps
Receipt Hog app

App Features:

Using this app, you can earn cash back for everyday shopping like you normally do such as grocery shopping, etc. Earn coins and then redeem them for cash with PayPal or a gift card. It is one of the best apps for grocery cashback.

Some of the ways you can earn coins:

  • Buy at any store, restaurant, or cafe and use the app’s camera to snap a photo of the receipt
  • Some receipts will get you Hog Slots spins which you can use to win big coin prizes
  • Regularly upload receipts every week to earn bonuses and more chances to win coins
  • Continue to upload receipts to level up and then earn additional bonus rewards!
  • Every qualifying receipt will also reward you an entry into monthly sweepstakes with big coin prizes
  • Participate in surveys and answer questions about your household topics to earn even more coins
  • Also, earn coins and monthly sweepstakes entries by simply signing up to send receipts for online purchases

Sign-up bonus:

No sign-up bonus at the time of this writing

7) Groupon

Groupon is an online coupon provider where you get deals on everyday items. Using Groupon you can get a 70% or more discount on most items.

Groupon sometimes lists deals from gas stations such as Shell where you can buy a $10 Shell gas card for $5! Keep checking Groupon emails and their website to steal such deals.

8) SwagBucks – $10 welcome bonus

Click here to go to the Swagbucks website register as a new user and start earning Swagbucks.

image of swagbucks mobile app

Swagbucks is a cool money-earning app where you can earn Swagbucks (SBs) by completing surveys and other activities like viewing videos or surfing the web.

You can then redeem those points for gift cards. Simply download the Swag Bucks browser toolbar which you will find very useful. You will then get an automatic notification about any opportunity to earn Swagbucks while you are visiting a site. This is the best cashback app for anything you buy. Simply scan the receipt in the Swagbucks app and get cash back!

Read my full review of Swagbucks.

9) BeFrugal app – $10 sign-up bonus!

This is also one of the best cashback apps that have been here for many years. Earn Cash Back by simply logging into your BeFrugal account. You then find retailers that pay cashback on BeFrugal.

Now, click on the ‘Shop Now’ button or on any Cash Back eligible coupon or deal and you will be taken to the retailer’s website. When you complete your purchase, Cash Back will be added to your BeFrugal account within 7 days.

Sign-up bonus:

Get a $10 sign-up bonus once you earn $10 in cash back. Get this offer when you join using this BeFrugal sign-up bonus link.

Gas cashback apps

Following are the top gas cash back apps that give you cash back on gas purchases.

1. Upside (my favorite gas cash-back app!)

Upside is one of the best cash-back apps to save on gas. It is a legitimate app for earning cashback on gas and food. Use this best app to find the participating gas station, for example, a shell gas station.

I was able to save 15 cents per gallon and on top of that, I also saved an extra 20 cents from the Upside app. Download using this promo link and get an extra 25 cents per gallon bonus cashback on your next purchase. Please read my review of the Upside app.

2. Checkout 51

With Checkout51, earning cashback on your gas and groceries is so easy! Just upload your receipt and see the cashback coming effortlessly. You can save at the pump every time at over 5,000 participating gas stations. Read my complete review of Checkout 51.

3. Shell gas rewards program – one of the best cash-back apps for gasoline

The Shell fuel rewards program can also save you money on gas. Using this app, you can save at least 5¢/gal with Gold Status or 3¢/gal with Silver Status. All these benefits are just for being a Fuel Rewards member.

4. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is another good rewards program that is free to use. Using GasBuddy you can save 25 cents most of the time. But it is not as good as Upside in my experience. Read my post on the comparison between GasBuddy and Upside. mobile app screenshot


This app is very cool. Download the app or you can go to to print coupons using your printer. You might prefer downloading the free app. Then, search and find digital coupons from grocery stores, pharmacies, and many other retailers.

If you have a loyalty card, you can add a coupon to your card (plastic membership card) and use it when you check out at the store.

Sign-up bonus:

None are available as of now.

Conclusion on best cashback apps

The best gas cashback app is Upside. This and other top cash-back apps earn you at least $750 every year if you regularly use them. Simply upload receipts and do your routine shopping.

Pretty soon you will have enough cash back that you can redeem easily via PayPal or check or e-gift cards.

Share your thoughts in the comments about which app you think earned you the most rewards or cashback this year.

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