Fluz Referral Code LOVE35 Gives You 35% Voucher And $5 Bonus Money

Use the Fluz referral code LOVE35 and get a $5 sign-up bonus and 3 free vouchers.

So enter this referral code LOVE35 in the app and get free vouchers worth 35% cashback to use on your next purchase with the Fluz app.

Fluz referral code

The best Fluz referral code is LOVE35. Enter this code in the app to redeem your $5 cash bonus plus 3 free vouchers each worth 35% cashback on purchase.

Yes, when you use each voucher, you get 35% cashback on your next purchase. That is, if you use this referral code in the Fluz app, you get 3 vouchers.

This means you can get 35% cashback on your next three separate purchases using Fluz. Each voucher is worth 35% cashback on your next purchase in the Fluz app.

Where can I enter the referral code in Fluz app?

Here’s where and how you can enter the referral code and your sign-up bonus. Hence, follow the below steps and get your sign-up bonus today!

  1. Download the Fluz app.
  2. Sign-up using your email and phone number.
  3. Now, type the Fluz referral code LOVE35 during sign-up screens
  4. Get 3 vouchers each worth 25% off cashback
  5. Complete additional steps to get the $5 bonus money
How to pay using the Fluz app

Fluz App

Fluz app is a free cashback app that keeps giving back. This cashback app from Fluz not only earns you cash back on what you purchase but also rewards you with cashback for purchases made by your friends that you add to your network.

You can earn money while you shop, and keep earning whenever your friends do. There are no transaction fees and no signup fees.

Basically, the Fluz app gives you cashback when you shop online at your favorite stores. You pay using a gift card that you purchase through the app.

When you use that card to shop online or in-store, you earn anywhere between 1% to 10% cashback.

For example, you can open the Fluz app and buy a Walmart or Target e-gift card for the amount of purchase you made at say Walmart or Target for say $45.23 or $105.82.

Once you buy the e-gift, the gift code will be in the Fluz app. You should do this before checking out to know the amount you will have to pay if you are shopping in-store.

Now, when you go to check out online or you are at the check-out counter at the store, open the Fluz app to generate the gift code and enter it in the check-out gift payment option. You pay for the e-gift card using your PayPal, debit, or credit card.

Every time you buy like this, you get 3% to 25% cash back since you bought the e-gift card using the Fluz app and used it to make that online or in-store purchase. As simple as that.

Additional $5 sign-up bonus

As a Fluz app user, you can get an additional $5 sign-up bonus just for signing up for this app and completing the following steps.

  1. First, discover missed earnings
  2. Then, pick your favorite stores
  3. Now, set a networking goal
  4. Also, enable notifications
  5. Make your first purchase
Fluz $5 sign-up bonus using referral code

How much can I get as the Fluz sign-up bonus

You get 3 free vouchers, which means 3 times $3.25. That’s $11.5 in savings. That is a lot of savings!

Here is the nvite link for the Fluz app to download this app with the sign-up bonus. When you use this invite link to download the Fluz app, you get three vouchers as a sign-up bonus! It is that simple.

So, click the button below and sign-up and you will see the bonus applied automatically for you. This way, you don’t have to enter any referral code.

Fluz cashback offers

Popular cashback offers available in the Fluz app are shown in the table below. Please check them out in the app.

RetailerFluz cashback Offer
Amazon3.5% cashback on all purchases
Target4% cashback on all purchases
WalmartUp to 3% cashback on all purchases
Macy’s5% cashback on all purchases
Uber Eats5% cashback on all purchases
Starbucks5% cashback on all purchases
Nike6% cashback on all purchases
Sephora7% cashback on all purchases
Best Buy8% cashback on all purchases
Home Depot10% cashback on all purchases (limited time offer)
CostcoUp to 3% cashback on all purchases
Old Navy5% cashback on all purchases
Gap5% cashback on all purchases
Banana Republic5% cashback on all purchases
Athleta5% cashback on all purchases
Bed Bath & Beyond6% cashback on all purchases
Petco6% cashback on all purchases
CVS7% cashback on all purchases
Walgreens7% cashback on all purchases
Barnes & Noble8% cashback on all purchases

You should also know that these cashback offers are subject to change and may vary depending on your location and other factors. Also, some offers may have restrictions or exclusions. Be sure to read the fine print before making a purchase.


So, you should sign up using the Fluz referral code LOVE35 in the app and get $5 plus the 3 free bonus vouchers.

Overall, the Fluz app will save you hundreds in cashback every year and it is much easier and more rewarding than any other app I have used before.

You can also try Fluz referral code WELCOME35 to get the bonus offer of %4 and 3 free vouchers.

Besides, these Fluz voucher codes help you save money even more. Moreover, share this code with your friends and help them get more Fluz cashback with this code.

You can also download the Dosh cash back app and get a $10 sign-up bonus today! By the way, use the Cash App Referral Code HXMJDLC and get a $15 sign-up bonus!