Get 25% Bonus Cashback With Fluz App Referral Code LOVE35.

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Thinking about joining the Fluz community and earning cashback on everyday purchases? Look no further! Unlock 25% extra cash back with the Fluz referral code “LOVE35” and kickstart your savings journey. Additionally, dive deeper into the Fluz referral program to discover more ways to earn rewards.

So enter this code in the Fluz app and get a free voucher each worth a 25% cashback boost on your next purchase.

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What is the Fluz Referral Program?

Fluz encourages new users to join by offering a referral bonus. By using a referral code during signup, both you and the person who referred you can earn a $5 bonus to your Fluz accounts. This bonus gives you a head start on accumulating cashback and is a great way to try out the app.

Using the Fluz Referral Code:

There are two ways to snag the $5 referral bonus:

  • Sign up using a referral code shared by a friend or family member who already uses Fluz. Simply enter the code during the signup process.
  • Sign up directly on the Fluz app or website. While you won’t receive a referral bonus this way, you can still benefit from various cashback opportunities offered throughout the app.

How to redeem a referral code in the app?

Entering a code is very easy. Here’s where and how to enter the referral code and sign-up bonus. Hence, follow the below steps and get your sign-up bonus today!

  1. First, download the Fluz app.
  2. Sign up using your email and phone number.
  3. Now, type the Fluz referral code LOVE35 during the sign-up screens
  4. Get one 25% bonus voucher
  5. Complete additional steps to get the $5 bonus money. (Read the next section for instructions.)

Beyond the Referral Bonus:

While the initial bonus is a welcome perk, the real potential lies in the ongoing cashback opportunities Fluz offers. Explore partner stores, browse deals, and utilize in-app features to maximize your cashback potential.

Ready to join the Fluz community?

Download the app, and use a referral code such as LOVE35. Start earning rewards on your everyday purchases. Remember, the referral bonus is just the beginning – explore what Fluz offers to unleash your cashback potential!