Use Referral code “HXMJDLC” For A $5 Cash App Bonus. Complete Guide On How To Redeem It.

Looking for a Cash App referral code? You have come to the right place. New users can get a free $5 bonus when they sign up for Cash App. for signing up. In this post, we will reveal the valid referral code and also help you with steps on how to redeem this code during sign-up.

First, note down this referral code HXMJDLC before during signup! Download the Cash App and follow along on how to get your new user bonus.

How to enter a referral code in the Cash App

Redeeming the $5 bonus is very straightforward. Follow the steps below to enter a referral code on the Cash App.

  1. Open the app and tap on the account Profile at the top-right.
  2. Then, scroll down and tap on the “Referral Code”. Here’s where you enter the referral code.
  3. After that, enter the Cash App referral code and tap the Enter button.
  4. Your referral or free money code is now entered and the bonus money will be rewarded.
image of cash app screen where a referral code is being entered

Existing users – Share your referral code with your friends and family

If you already using Cash App, you can share this app with your friends and family. When you do so, be sure to give your referral code. Ask your friends to enter this code so they can get the $5 bonus. That is one more reason to join Cash App apart from the obvious benefit it offers.

Follow these easy steps to get your referral code from your Cash App:

1. Open the Cash App on your mobile phone.

2. Tap the Profile Icon in the top right corner of the app (it usually resembles a person’s silhouette).

3. Scroll down and find “Referral Code”: Once you’ve tapped the profile icon, scroll down and locate the section labeled “Referral Code” or “Invite Friends.”

4. You will now see your unique referral displayed in the app.

Important Notes Regarding Cash App Referral Codes

  • The referral code has an expiration date, typically 14 days from when it’s created. Encourage your friends to sign up and send the required amount within this timeframe to ensure both parties receive the bonus.
  • Each Cash App user can only have one referral code and can only redeem a referral bonus once.
  • Share your code with friends and family who are genuinely interested in using Cash App, and avoid spamming public platforms.
  • Ensure you meet Cash App’s eligibility requirements to receive referral bonuses.

For more details, including troubleshooting and FAQ, visit Cash App’s Help Center.

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What is Cash App?

Cash App is a free mobile app. You can use it to send or receive money from friends, family, or anyone.

Also, you can invest your money in stocks and Bitcoin. You can set up direct deposit for free. That way the money you get in the app can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Why you should use Cash App?

Following are the benefits that you can get when you use the Cash App. Apart from using this app for sending and receiving money with friends, its benefits are worth your time.

  1. Fast & Easy Transfers: Send and receive money instantly with friends and family who have linked bank accounts.
  2. Mobile Management: Manage your finances on the go with the user-friendly Cash App mobile app.
  3. Direct Deposits: Get your paycheck or other deposits directly into your Cash App balance, skipping the wait for traditional banking processes.
  4. Fractional Share Investing: Invest in fractions of US-listed companies with as little as $1.
  5. Easy Bitcoin Transactions: Buy and sell Bitcoin directly within the app.
  6. Free Cash Card: Access your Cash App balance at ATMs or make purchases in stores with the free Cash Card (debit card).

Additional Benefits

  1. You can use your Cash Card to potentially receive discounts at select merchants and earn cashback on purchases.
  2. Easily split expenses with friends and family by splitting bills directly within the app.
  3. Cash App implements security features like two-factor authentication and PIN protection to help secure your transactions.


Start your journey using the Cash App entering the referral code HXMJDLC and get the $5 free money. Once you start using the app, it will be obvious that you will want to share this with your friends and family.

Get your referral code share and start earning referral money. Take advantage of the referral program and earn some extra cash.

Do you still have any questions? You can check the Cash App FAQ site to see if that answers your question.