Upside Vs Ibotta – Comparision

In this Upside Vs Ibotta comparison, we will look at the pros and cons of both t these apps. We will look at how much you can save and then compare the features of Upside and Ibotta. Upside vs Ibotta In both Upside and Ibotta, you have to upload receipts to get your cashback rewards. … Read more

Rooam App Review – Pay From Your Phone

Rooam app is a contactless payment solution for you to pay at restaurants and bars. It is a free app that you download and use. You can also pay using the unique web URL that you get at the restaurant to the bar where you go. I will explain how it works in this post. … Read more

Automatic Cashback Apps – Earn Passive Cashback Money

Let’s learn what mobile apps earn you automatic cashback. Uploading receipts or doing anything manually to earn cashback is like wasting extra time to get that cashback. Getting automatic cashback using some cool spp I show you in this post will save you time and money. There are several cashback apps today cashback and most … Read more

GetUpside Pyramid Scheme (aka Upside app)

GetUpside aka Upside is very well known for earning cash back on gas. The GetUpside pyramid scheme is something I believe is a rumor and it is not a true picture of what they say. I will break down this myth and tell you all about the program. What is a pyramid scheme? A pyramid … Read more