Best Gas Apps – Save Money Using A Gas App

In this post, I will show how using a gas cash-back app can save you hundreds in cash-back money every year. These gas space apps save you money anywhere from $25 to $50 every month for a regular driver like you and me.

Let’s save money on gas with these best apps. Whenever you go to the gas station, the gas prices always make us think again. Is the gas app that I am using well? Is there a better gas app?

If you are a professional driver or a truck driver, the saving goes up and you could save thousands every year. Let’s see the top gas apps for saving money. Best of all these apps are 100% free with no strings attached.

Gas cash-back apps


Upside app is a free cash-back app for gas purchases at gas stations across the US. Install this app, claim a cashback offer for a gas station, and then buy gas there.

upside app to save on gas

The Upside app will automatically verify the card you used for your purchase and reward you with cashback within a day or two.

Download Upside today which is rated the best gas app for fuel cashback.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is another free cashback app. It was there even before Upside. Gas Buddy gives a similar discount as Upside. But it has some extra things that you need to take care of.

gas buddy app for cashback on gas

In my Gas Buddy vs Upside comparison, I have listed the things to watch for when you sign up for Gas Buddy,

Other than you can save a good amount on gas with Gas Buddy. Personally, I found the savings to be not that attractive.


Checkout is a gas cashback app that gives cashback k on gas. There are not that many participating US gas stations or cashback compared to Upside or Gas Buddy. But still, you should try this app as your local gas cashback offer may vary, Your local offers might be higher or other apps might not be giving the same cashback app as Checkout.

Can I use more than one gas cashback app for the same purchase?

You can buy gas and then use 2 or 3 gas-saving apps, Upside and Gas BUddy for example. I found that whenever I combined Upside with other discounts, the total savings remained the same. This is because Upside deducted the cashback offer when I used another deal like the Shell discount.


In conclusion, using a gas app will save you at least $200 in cash back every year on gas online purchases. My favorite and the best gas app is Upside. It gave me the most savings on gas.

You can combine these apps for the same ga purchase. But some apps lie Upside track that you have used another discount and deducted its own cashback offer accordingly.