CoinOut vs. Fetch: Earning Rewards Through Receipts

CoinOut vs. Fetch comparison

Deciding between CoinOut vs. Fetch, two top receipt-scanning apps offering rewards? Both let you earn points (Coins in CoinOut) by simply snapping photos of your receipts, redeemable for various rewards like gift cards and cash back.

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Earning Money: CoinOut vs Fetch

CoinOut allows you to earn Coins for paper receipts and online purchases by connecting your email and retailer accounts.

Fetch, on the other hand, primarily focuses on paper receipts, but it also offers occasional bonus points for linking loyalty cards and completing surveys.

Deciding Between The Two Apps

Choosing the best app for you depends on your shopping habits and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:


  • CoinOut: If you frequently shop online and use physical stores, CoinOut shines. It lets you earn Coins for both paper receipts and online purchases by connecting your email and retailer accounts.
  • Fetch: Primarily focused on paper receipts, Fetch is a great option for those who rarely shop online.


  • CoinOut: You earn Coins for scanning receipts and linking accounts to the app. This multi-pronged approach allows for more earning opportunities.
  • Fetch: While you earn points primarily for scanning receipts, Fetch occasionally offers bonus points for linking loyalty cards and completing surveys.


  • Both apps offer a variety of rewards, including gift cards, cash back, and sometimes other options.

Additional Features:

  • CoinOut: This app boasts a level system that grants increased earnings as you progress. This can incentivize more active users.
  • Fetch: Fetch provides games and instant win opportunities for users seeking a more interactive experience beyond just scanning receipts.

Ultimately, the winner in the CoinOut vs. Fetch battle depends on your shopping style. Online shoppers will find CoinOut’s ability to earn from online purchases a big advantage. For those who mainly deal with paper receipts, Fetch might be perfectly suitable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with both apps! See which one offers a more user-friendly interface and rewards your shopping habits more effectively.