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GetUpside App - Contact Info, Login & More

Updated: 2 days ago

If you are using GetUpside Gas App, you might be facing some difficulty in using the app or claiming a cashback reward. You can always contact them at their Facebook group

Their phone number is not listed on their Facebook page but there are other ways to contact their customer support.

How can I contact GetUpside?

Option 1:

Use their Facebook messenger system. Go to their Facebook group and then click Send Message.

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Option 2:

Email them. Again it is on their Facebook page. Go to their Facebook group and then click find the email address

Option 3 (My personal best):

Open the GetUpside app and go to the main menu. Then click on the Help and you can now start a conversation with customer service. I find this very useful since it is like a chat where you know you will get a reply. When you do get a reply, the app will show a dot indicating that you have received a response from customer service. More details here.

Option 4:

Click here to go to their website where you can fill a form and then attach a screenshot of your app to show the issue or concern you have. This is good if you have to upload a screenshot. Typically you will get a response in the email within 1 or 2 days.

How long will it take for them to respond?

In my personal experience, it typically takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days for them to respond. I have found that their messaging system is faster with a response time of 1 to 2 days max. Sometimes it is very quick especially if you send a message during late evenings or at night. Not sure why - maybe their customer support is on the other side of the world.

Is there a phone number that I can contact them?

According to their website, they don't offer phone support. It really sucks to not have a phone number but hey who is calling these days when you have a messenger or a chat on your phone!

GetUpside support

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Check out their participating locations and make sure you give them the right address of the pump where you redeemed the cashback and the approximate time.


Whichever you find it easily, try that way. Hope your issue is resolved because one gets resolved. Just send them additional info like a copy of receipt or screenshot of the app in your phone, etc that helps speed up their investigation for example, and resolve the issue sooner.

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