Fetch Rewards Referral Code NCTUU3 For 3000 points ( Plus 1000 points on your 1st receipt scan)

Fetch Rewards Referral Code REVIEWS - Get a 4000 ($4) sign-up bonus

The best Fetch Rewards referral code is REVIEWS and you can use this code to redeem 4000 bonus points. That is 3000 instant bonus points credited to your account plus 1000 for the first receipt upload totaling 4000 points.

If you are a new user, click the Fetch Rewards invite link for a referral code bonus to the app and the bonus points will be applied to you automatically.

For more information see the post on how to enter a referral code on Fetch Rewards.

All about Fetch Rewards Referral Code

Fetch Reward is a free mobile app that works by rewarding you for scanning grocery receipts. Scan receipts and earn points which can then be redeemed for a gift card. I will show you step-by-step how to use this app and earn points over time.

Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to earn points while you shop online? Fetch Rewards is the answer to all your questions. Simple, easy, and fast. Earn points simply for shopping like you always do and get rewarded for using this free rewards app. Turn your receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards.

The Fetch Rewards app wants to you scan and then upload your receipt to get points. That way, they can see the proof that you did make the legit purchase. The date on the receipt tells them that you purchased something recently and you are getting points accordingly.

Fetch rewards partners with companies and the receipts are the proof that they get it right on their way when they process it for giving you points.

There are cashback apps for earning points for grocery receipts but many don’t know about the best cashback app named Fetch Rewards.

Fetch Rewards Referral Code List

New and existing users can get bonus points with the best working referral codes listed below.

Referral CodeSign-up bonusTotal points
NCTUU32000 points (+ 1000 points bonus for your 1st receipt scan)3000
XUVHMV2000 points (+ 1000 points bonus for your 1st receipt scan)3000
List of referral codes for Fetch Rewards

You must scan your first receipt in Fetch to activate this offer and get 3000 points as sign-up bonus points. That is a 3000 points bonus and then 1000 points for scanning your receipts during the first month. You are getting a free $4 by using this referral code.

Free Cash App Referral Code: HXMJDLC [Upto $15 sign-up bonus]

Fetch Rewards referral code tips for users

Use the following tips on the referral code when you redeem it after you have entered it in the Fetch Rewards app.

By the way, this referral code NCTUU3 works as a promo code for existing users and for new users of the Fetch Rewards app.

Tip # 1: Redeem the Fetch Rewards for the Roblox code!

Fetch Rewards does not directly partner with Roblox but there is a way to get code for Roblox. To get the Roblox code in Fetch Rewards, do the following steps:

  1. Once you have enough points say at least 5000 points you can redeem $5 worth of gift cards. Click the Rewards and then go to the entertainment category.
  2. Here you will find GameStop, Nintendo, Playstation Online, Xbox, and others. If you like one of these redeem these or else move to the next step # 3
  3. Go to the cash cards category and then you will find a Visa cash card. That’s it – buy a $5, $10, $35, or $50 Visa cash card depending on how many points you have in the app.
  4. Now that you have a VISA cash card redeemed in the Fetch Rewards app, you can use it as money anywhere online. Go to the Roblox deal sites such as GameFlip and redeem a Roblox code for a discounted low price!

Now you can get as many Roblox codes as you want by keep earning points and redeeming them one after the other. You can only redeem the $50 max value of a gift card at one time.

Tip # 2: Forgot to enter the referral code in Fetch Rewards? Follow this simple tip.

No worries. You can always logout out of the Fetch Rewards app and then sign up using a new email address. Here, you have another chance to enter the referral code in the app. T

Tip # 3: Refer a friend on the Fetch Rewards app

Referring to a friend in the Fetch Rewards app is pretty straightforward. First, open the app and then tap on the “Me” tab at the bottom of the app screen.

Fetch Rewards app showing referral code

Now, tap on “Refer a friend”. You will see your referral code and also a “Share” button. Click on it if you like to share your referral link with your friends on WhatsApp, FaceBook, Email, and so on.

You can also simply copy your referral code by tapping on your code and the Fetch Rewards app will apply that your code was copied. Now you can simply paste it into Twitter, Facebook, Email, or any send a message with this code pasted in it. It is that simple!

Shop and then upload your receipts by scanning them using the Fetch Rewards app and earning points. You can also connect your shopping account to the Fetch Rewards app to get points for e-receipts.

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FAQs On Fetch Rewards referral code

What is the best Fetch Rewards referral code for maximum bonus points?

The best referral code for Fetch Rewards to get the highest points is NCTUU3. Copy this code and simply paste it into the Fetch Rewards referral code screen to get 3000 free points. You will also get 1000 points for your first receipt scan. So a total of 4000 points is a hot deal that you can redeem today using this latest code.

Where should can I enter the referral code on the Fetch Rewards app?

Learn how you can enter a referral code in the Fetch Rewards app by following the steps I detailed in this post How To Enter A Code On Fetch Rewards.

What gift cards can I redeem in the Fetch Rewards app?

You can redeem rewards for hundreds of well-known/popular stores, including the following popular stores such as Chipotle, Home Depot, CVS, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and many more.

How many minimum points do I need to begin to redeem a gift card?

Once you have at least 3000 points, you can redeem a $3 gift card for Amazon, or any other stores listed in the Fetch Rewards app.

Which store receipts are eligible for Fetch Rewards points?

You can upload receipts from most retail stores such as Drugstores, Big Box and Club Membership stores, Pet stores Hardware stores, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Liquor stores, Convenience stores, Gas Stations, Retail, Clothes & Fashion

Download the Fetch Rewards App

How much are 4000 Fetch Rewards points worth?

4000 Fetch points are worth $4. If you do the math for 1000 = $1, then you get $4 with 4000 points with the Fetch Reward referral code NCTUU3.

Am I allowed to share my referral code for Fetch Rewards online?

You are not allowed to spam your referral code for the Fetch Rewards app in many places such as social media, Facebook, etc.. . Of course, you cannot talk about the app in a YouTube video and say your code. You can even post it in a blog review for the Fetch Rewards app.

You can also try Fetch Rewards alternative apps such as Dosh with a referral code that gives you $10 as a sign-up bonus!


Using the best referral code NCTUU3 is very helpful for new users and also for existing users who have not used it when they signed up for Fetch Rewards. It is very to enter this code and your points keep growing as you submit receipts. More importantly, you can use the easy e-receipt option to skip uploading receipts altogether. Earning gift cards with the Fetch Rewards app has never been so easier and the best part is that you can use this referral code to kick-start the earning process!

Now that you know how Fetch Rewards work, download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store now. Then, enter referral code NCTUU3 to get the bonus of 3000 Fetch Rewards points plus 100 points for the first receipt scan for a total o 4000 points which is a great start to earning points for e-gift cards!

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