7 Eleven Referral Code XZMLRP For 1000 Bonus Points

image showing friends using 7 eleven app with referral code

You know 7-Eleven is a great convenience store for buying all kinds of foods from coffee to donuts to pizza to water. Right now you can download the 7-Eleven app and use the referral code XZMLRP and get 1000 points.

What is the 7-Eleven referral code?

711 referral code XZMLRP gives you 1000 points. Enter it in the 7-Eleven app to redeem your welcome bonus points.

How to enter the referral code in the 7-Eleven app?

To enter the referral code, follow the steps below.

  1. Download 7-Eleven app
  2. During sign-up enter a valid email and phone number and tap to go next screen
  3. In the Register screen, you will see a place to enter the invite code
  4. This is where you tap and enter the 7-Eleven referral code XZMLRP.
image showing 7 eleven app showing referral code screen

List of 7-eleven coupon and promo codes

7 Eleven codesDiscount
XZMLRP1000 points
mjxfxy$10 off
LAK22Get 5 Free Boneless Wings on Any Wing Purchase. Exclusions: Southern California Wingstop Locations.
20OFF30$20 Off Storewide (Minimum Order: $30) Members Only at 7-Eleven
SAVE3XGet $5 Off Your First 3 Delivery Orders at 7-Eleven


How can I get 10000 points with 7-Eleven?

With 7-Eleven, you can get 10000 points. Here’s how. The first step is to get your referral code. Next, go to your phone contacts and get at least 10 friends who love pizza or some snacks. They should like chips or coke at least.

Now, share your referral code with them and ask them to sign-up for 7-Eleven using your invite/referral code. That’s it. Once they join, you should be seeing 10000 points in your 7-Eleven account. Just open your app and you will see this credited to you. Now you are ready to enjoy those points for redeeming rewards in the app.

What can I get with the bonus points from using the referral code?

You can redeem points for free snacks and goodies. The 1000 points might not be enough for a free snack but you are very close to your next free snack or a goodie.

What will my points be worth when I use a referral code to invite my friends?

When you refer friends using your invite code, your points grow. With lots of points, you can redeem a variety of rewards based on how many points you accumulated.

Points and the rewards you can get at 7-Eleven are as follows.

500Donuts, cookies, bananas,
gum, coffee, and more.
1,000Pizza, brownie, Big Gulp drink, Slurpee drink,
water, mini tacos, and more
2,000Chicken sandwich, cheeseburger, nachos,
7-Select energy shots, wings, and soda.
3,000Drinks like Red Bull, Monster,
Redign, and Acqua Panna.
4,000Salad entrée, wings, a whole pizza,
and beef jerky.

What is a 7-Eleven referral code?

A 7 Eleven referral code is a combination of numbers and alphabets. You can share this code with your friends and family to invite them to join the 7 Eleven rewards program. When someone uses your referral code, both you and the person you referred can earn 1000 points.

How can I get a referral code?

You can get a 7 Eleven referral code by signing up for the 7 Rewards program.

Can I use a invite code if I’m already a member?

No, you cannot use a 7 Eleven referral code if you are already a member. A referral code works only for new members.

How many times can I share my referral code?

You can share the referral code as many times as you like.

Do 7 Eleven referral codes expire?

N, 7 Eleven referral codes do not have an expiration date.

How do I redeem rewards earned through a referral code?

To redeem rewards earned through a 7 Eleven referral code.

  1. Log in to your 7 Eleven Rewards account.
  2. Check your points balance.
  3. Redeem your points for rewards such as free snacks, drinks, etc.


The referral code is a great offer that new users should take advantage of. With 1000 free points, you are close to getting your next rewards in the &-Eleven app.

Enjoy your sign-up bonus points in 7-Eleven with the referral code XZMLRP.

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