Does AO3 Have An App? Find Out The Answer Here

Is There An App?

AO3 available as an app might be the biggest news. But how do we know where to get this AO3 app? Let’s dig in and set things straight.

What is AO3?

To do our due diligence, let’s first agree on what AO3 is. AO3 stands for Archive Of Our Own. You see the three words starting with the letter “O”? That’s how it all made it to this acronym AO3.

Does AO3 have an app?

According to their forum messages, I see that A)3 released an unofficial version of their mobile app. What happened to the app and what is the status of the app as of now?

AO3 has a great roadmap that they have explained very well in this AO3 forum post. But the question that intrigues me is whether this app is built for Android and iOS and other operating systems as well.

The API is the first step and the right direction as we agree. But for the AO3 app to work, it needs to be tested and of course, developed and available for testing.

You see, these take time and resources. The first step to having an AO3 app is to hire the resources. Once they are available and ready for use, someone needs to take a look at them.

Use the app and then document the actual user actions and FAQs for the app. This is serious as the user’s feedback is not enough, the users should get their answers faster.

The only way to solve this is to have good documentation with FAQs of course.

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Does the AO3 need volunteers? How can I volunteer?

You are right. The AO3 app development project does need volunteers. If you are interested, you can either donate money or contact their volunteer and recruiting committee to let them know of your interest.

Conclusion on AO3 app

Apart from the AO3 app, there are discussions on third-party apps in connection with Archive of Our Own. There are unofficial apps out there that say this might or might not be true. Anyway, the website offers mobile users a good reader-friendly site.

So right now, mobile users can go to the AO3 website which does look to have an easy-to-read design. If you need an app, you have to wait for the true official messages from AO3. you can get information about the app’s availability in the Android and iOS app stores. Stay tuned and we will hear from AO3 soon – at least that is my hope.