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Apps like Upside can save you, even more, when you use the latest promo code like this code CASHBACK25 which gives you a 25¢/gal bonus on your first purchase. Let’s see how to enter this code, how much discount you can save, and how the app works.

This Upside promo code CASHBACK25 is great for new and existing users to get an extra discount on their gas purchases.

Regular gasoline prices have gone up by 70¢ over the previous year according to consumer reports. You can now save on gas with Upside and with the bonus promo code CASHBACK25.

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Upside promo code

New users who want to get a bonus with the Upside app can use the promo code CASHBACK25 and get an extra 20¢/gal on your next fill-up! This referral code is valid and has no expiry date. So go ahead and simply enter it in the Upside app to get the referral offer instantly.

Every time you buy gas, simply use the Upside app to earn your cashback. No receipt upload is needed and you can save with more promo codes that come every now and then.

The Upside was formally known as GetUpside and so both names refer to the same app.

If you are a vehicle owner and want to save on gasoline, Upside is certainly the best cashback app for you. Just download the Upside app. Install and sign up in the app.

There are 7 Things You Must Know About Upside to learn fully about how the Upside app works for you to save you money.

How do I enter a promo code on the Upside app?

You can follow the steps outlined below to enter the promo code CASHBACK25 on the Upside app and redeem the bonus offer.

login screen in the Uside app
  1. Once you downloaded this Upside app, log in using your Google login, FaceBook login, or other ways.
  2. Then, open the app to get to the main menu and click the “Profile” option.
  3. Tap on the “Edit” next to the “Promo Code” section
  4. Enter the Upside promo code (for example CASHBACK25) and press “Submit”.
  5. Finally, you will see a 20c/gal bonus (plus your local gas station offer) displayed in your Upside app as shown below. This 20 cents plus your local cashback of 10 to 20 cents per gallon will give to 20 cents or more cash back on your first fuel fill-up:
Image showing how to enter the GetUpside promo code in the app

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Now you know how to use the Upside coupon codes. So refer to Upside with your friends and get more discounts like this $0.20/gal I got.

Upside app showing cash back offers nearby.jpeg

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More Upside promo codes that work

As of today, grab this list of Upside codes that work. Make sure you type them properly and that these codes are not case-sensitive. Applies to Upside aka GetUpside promo code for existing users 2022.

Firstly, enter the bonus Upside coupon code CASHBACK25 and continue with other codes.

Promo CodeDiscount
CASHBACK25up to 45¢/gal off
CASHBACK2020¢/gal off
GOPUFF3535¢/gal off on 2 gas purchases!
CASHBACK328545¢/gal off
COMEBACK66¢/gal off
LUCKY7CASH7¢/gal off
SHOPPERS3535¢/gal off
21FOR2121¢/gal off
7CENTBONUS7¢/gal off
AFF2525¢/gal off
Upside app promo codes

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How many promo codes can you use on the Upside (aka GetUpside) app?

At this time, you can as many promo codes as you want in the Upside app. Copy the Upside promo codes shown here and enter them one by one in order from the first code to the last.

How can I redeem more promo codes for the Upside app?

Following are some ways you find more Upside code in addition to what you find here in this post.

  • The first way is to so search for “Upside Promo Code” and you can check some of the coupon sites. Although many codes seem to be working, some may not work. You have to try the latest ones and come back frequently to see if they have new codes.
  • Secondly, check your spam folder. Yes! Sometimes Upside sends its users a special promo code. Be sure to add the email to the safe list so you don’t miss them.

Read below on how to increase this bonus cashback by adding more promo codes in the recommended order in your Upside app.

What if an Upside promo code doesn’t work?

If an Upside promo code did not work for you, there are many reasons why it didn’t work in the Upside app. But to fix this, you can find out the answers here. But, if you wish to contact Upside, please see this post on how to contact Upside.

What is the Upside Doordash promo code?

Doordash drivers can use the Upside promo code CASHBACK25 first and then use DOORDASH20 to see if that works.

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Will I save more on gas using Promo Codes?

Yes, you will save hundreds on gas every year using promo codes alone for Upside. Start with the Upside promo code CASHBACK25 and then open the Upside app to get the referral code. Pass it to your friends and you will keep earning bonuses more frequently. These bonuses add up and you will see that you have saved hundreds at the end of each year!

Using this legit app you can earn your cashback when you purchase gas at more than 15,000 gas stations across the United States. You can save hundreds every year. If you have to travel right now, use this app to get save money on gas and find cheap gas prices when you fill up gas at gas pumps.

Upside Gas App fact: Your Upside cashback earnings are tax-free!

Is Upside App Safe To Use?

Certainly, the Upside app is completely safe to use this app. That is, your credit card and personal information are totally secured and not shared with anyone.

How much savings can you expect?

The average cashback reported by Upside users is $400 and in some cases where you have more than one vehicle, the savings double or triple depending on how many vehicles tour own. That means with these Upside discount promo codes, you are on your way to earning thousands every year in cashback guys!

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In any case, using the app is very simple. You don’t even need to take a picture of your gas receipt. Just fill up gas and your cashback is automatically rewarded once your purchase is verified.

Now, taking on that fun road trip or running nearby errands needs gasoline, and who does not want to earn some extra cash every time they fill up their fuel tank?

You should also check out the referral code for $15 for some free sign-up money. This one has the referral code for $10 in bonus cashback for new users.

In conclusion, applying the Upside promo code can help you get off to a great start earning cashback on gas. Hence, simply open the Upside aka GetUpside, and enter these promo codes. Obviously, these codes earn you an extra bonus cashback on top of the regular discount!

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    • Yes, right now you can use the GetUpside promo code CASHBACK20 and get up to 20 cents per gallon bonus on your next purchase!

  1. This is a great free app to use. I use it all the time. I’ve made almost $180 in savings back using this app in a short time. The best way to get the most is find promo codes and stack them on your first fill up. Plus share your specific code, the more people on your list the more you get back

  2. You can stack the promo codes. To get $1 off per gallon enter all 5 codes by clicking profile and then edit promo code and put in new code then submit. CASHBACK20, then enter Shoppers35, then comeback6, snap37, 7centbonus. You will have to erase the previous promo code each time but it will keep all the discounts!

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