Upside App Link

If you looking for the Upside app link, you can download it using the links in this post for Android and iOS smartphones.

What is the Upside app link for Android smartphones?

The Upside app is available for Android smartphone users. Click here to go there and get the app.

What is the Upside app link for iPhone smartphones?

The Upside app is available for iPhone smartphone users is available here.

Is there a promotional offer for new users?

Of course, new users of Upside can now get 20 cents extra bonus cash back on their next gas purchase when they download using this bonus sign-up link or clicking the image below. If you already downloaded the app, you can enter the promotion code CASHBACK20 to the same offer instantly.

Download Upside App

Once you download the Upside app with this link, make sure you select the right gasoline type you use in the app settings. This will help the app find the best gas station locations where you get the right gasoline for your vehicle.

New users of Upside app

New users who recently downloaded Upside app should know how it works and what are the participating gas stations in the US that eligible for Upside cashback. Read my post on the pros and cons of Upside app.


Upside is 100% free app. ALso, any amount of cashback you earn are totally tax-free! Where you earn $500 or $1500 in cashback using Upside in a given year, there is no need to pay taxes for your earnings. If you like Upside app and want to share it with your friends and family, please give them the link to this post so they can read and use the link to download Upside and get the promotional offer.

Do you use any other app besides Upside app? If so, leave the name of that app in the comments section below.

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