Rakuten Sign-Up Bonus Of $40 – Get This Bonus Offer

Image showing Rakuten Referral Bonus of $40

Since I started using Rakuten, I have earned hundreds in cashback. From time to time Rakuten gives out promotions like a $40 sign-up bonus and sometimes $30 as a welcome bonus for new users. Don’t miss this opportunity to get $40 as a Rakuten sign-up bonus.

Rakuten $40 sign-up bonus

Rakuten recently increased the new-user welcome bonus to $40. If you never used Rakuten, this is the best time to join and get $40 for doing nothing!

Join today using this Rakuten referral link and get this offer to get $40 for a limited time. Join now before this offer expires soon.

Invite link for Rakuten $40 bonus

Simply click this promotional link that Rakuten gave me recently. Rakuten’s “spend 40 get 40” promotion will get you $40 in your account immediately. For terms and conditions, read the details here.

Steps to get the Rakuten sign-up bonus

  1. Join Rakuten using the promotional link
  2. Complete your details to create a free Rakuten account
  3. Spen at least $40 in purchases through Rakuten
  4. You will get your $40 in your account.

Watch out for emails from Rakuten during holidays and also during special days such as Valentine’s when they will send you coupons. They will also sometimes give a promotional $40 referral bonus which lasts for a few weeks.

Want even more savings?

Check out these posts for more cashback apps that earn you more savings throughout the year – every year. It all adds up and together with Rakuten, your savings shoot up in no time.


Use this sign-up bonus offer because Rakuten is one of the top-rated free apps to earn money. Once you start using it, the rewards come every quarter and get deposited to your PayPal account if you have set up one.

You should redeem this offer soon as they change the promotion from time to time. Sometimes the sign-up bonus from Rakuten is $30 and $40 at other times.

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  1. The Rakuten $40 bonus is back for Christmas 2021! It’s like a free money glitch! Get $40 back with you spend $40+ online after signing up with Rakuten. It really works, I got a check in the mail this month.

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