Cash Back Vs Cashback

image showing lady giving cash back at checkout at store vs cashback points

Cash back vs cashback is one thing people find online to make sure they understood it correctly. The two words cash back and cashback can be confusing and they are used interchangeably. We will learn what is the difference between the two with examples.

Cash Back Vs Cashback

Cash back is money you can request at the check-out at a store like Walmart and pay using your debit card. It is much like an ATM cash back except you are getting cash from a real person. This cashback still exists although you can use an ATM to get the same cash.

One advantage of getting cash back at a retail store during check-out is that you can request your own denomination such as $1, $5, $10, $20, etc, which is not offered/available at some banks’ ATMs.

Cashback means the points or the money/cash that you earn when you a cashback app like Fetch Rewards. You can also earn this cashback when you use a credit card. Some banks offer credit card which when you use, will get you cashback points or the cashback as real money.

Can you do cashback with a credit card?

No, you cannot do cashback with a credit card. Here is the reason why. The credit card companies do not give you cash back at stores etc. But the only way you can get cash is at the ATM.

Conclusion on cashback vs cash back

Words sometimes sounds the same and they can be confusing. One trick to remember the difference is to see the word itself. If it written as one word “cashback”, it means they are talking about the cashback points or the money that is obtained from using an app or a credit card. Hope this post helped you understand the dernce between cash back and cashback.