Upside Promo Code 50 Off – (50¢/gallon discount)

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If you are looking for a promo code for Upside 50 cents off per gallon of gasoline, follow the steps explained below in your Upside app (aka GetUpside).

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How To Upside promo code 50 off?

Enter the codes in the order listed below and you will get more than 50 cents per gallon discount!

Discount codes – Get at least 50¢ per gallon

CASHBACK2525¢ off per gallon
COMEBACK66¢ off per gallon
SHOPPERS3535¢ off per gallon
21FOR2121¢ off per gallon
7CENTBONUS7¢ off per gallon
Discount codes – Get 50 cents per gallon or more

Most of the codes worked for users. Keep entering these codes one by one and try all of them. Doing this can get you more than a 50 cents per gallon discount on your next gas purchase.

Final Thoughts on Upside promo code 50 off

When you use these promo codes, you will get a one-time discount. To get more discounts in the future, share your referral code with friends and you will get 20 cents per gallon on your future purchase.

One word of caution is that you should not share your referral codes on social media or Google Ads. Doing so will not harm but your referral bonus will get lowered to 0.1 cents per gallon. This I think is done so that Upside can pay a fair referral bonus for users who have a large number of referrals and also to keep the referral cobnuts program sustainable for everyone. It is a fair policy if you think about it.

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