Upside App For Diesel Fuel- How It Works, Participating Gas stations And More

GetUpside Diesel gas stations

Drivers all across the US can now earn cash back on diesel using the Upside app. In this post, we will look at how Upside (formerly known as GetUpside) works. Let’s go through which gas stations offer cashback when you use Upside.

But first, if you are a new or existing user of Upside app, you can now use promo code CASHBACK25 to get an extra 25¢/gal bonus on your first gas purchase. That’s like getting $10 on your regular or diesel gas purchase!

Does the Upside app work for diesel?

Yes, the Upside works for diesel fuel purchases and gives you cashback. To enable this, you have to open the app profile and select the desired gas type.

You can choose the gas type from Regular-87, Mid-grade-89, Premium, Diesel, or Other. But you don’t have to do this. Whether you buy diesel or regular gasoline, Upside will work for any fuel type.

Gas stations for Upside cashback

GetUpside adds more and more gas stations across the US that become eligible for users of this app to get cashback on diesel. If you are looking at what gas stations participate, you have to search for them. Open the app and the first thing you should do is click on the Gas Stations. It will automatically find the nearest participating gas station for you

getupside diesel gas station location shown  in he app

With Diesel prices being the highest than other gasoline types, it is indeed a smart way to use apps like GetUpside. Some save even more by using this app along with other cashback apps such as Fluz, Checkout51, and GasBuddy.

If you are looking for more apps like Upside, read my post on the best cashback apps for mundane shopping.

How does Upside work?

I have made a video on this to help you understand how Upside (aka GetUpside) works.

Is there an alternative app for diesel?

Yes, there is an app that is a good alternative to GetUpside. If you are a truck, RV, or any professional driver who uses diesel all the time, you should then check out Mudflap

The app gives instant fuel discounts at stops like AMBEST, Kwik Trip, Casey’s, Sapp, etc. We’ll both get $10.00 in free fuel if you try it out. Use my code to sign up: ca21ea. Sign up here:

GetUpside Diesel alternative app

Conclusion on Upside Diesel

Upside also gives you cash back on other gasoline types and more importantly, it offers cash back on groceries and restaurants too. Check out if your area has any participating restaurants or groceries.

Share Upside with your friends and family and get the referral bonus which adds up and saves you more.

If you are an Uber Eats, Doordash driver, or casual delivery driver, you should certainly use the Upside to save money on diesel and regular gasoline.

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