5 Areas For Extreme Frugal Saving Tips

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As a money-savvy person like you, looking for extreme frugality tips, I often find ways where I could have saved money and been a little more frugal. Maybe I was not paying much attention or did not think about that particular area and then go and fix the unneeded spending. Even better, stop that unneeded spending altogether.

Five extreme frugality tips

We might think we checked all areas and saved as much as we could. But these five areas are a sure wake-up call for anyone who wants to save even more.

1) Method of payment

Whether it is your ISP (Internet Service Provider such as Comcast), phone company, or home security company, you should call them and ask if there is any discount if you pay by bank debit card or using your bank checking account. There is a 50-50 chance that you will get $10 or more in discounts on your monthly bill just for using your bank account to pay the bill.

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2) Auto-insurance – extreme frugal tips to save more

If you own auto insurance, check your coverage more closely. Do you need that much lower deductible? Does your vehicle get old now and might need a less deductible? If so increase your deductible and you could potentially save $20 or more in monthly premiums.

How about the miles driven? Did you recently retire from your job, start to work fully remotely, no longer work, drive only 2 days a week, or similar situation? If so, call customer service and ask them to update your “miles driven per year”. Let’s say now you don’t drive to work anymore and drive only for pleasure, update this “miles per year” and you could save $150 to $300 over a year!

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3) Take advantage of the cashback app

There are many cashback apps such as Receipt Hog that earn you cashback just for uploading your receipts.

Also, you will love this app called Upside. GetUpside is an app that gives you cashback when you get gas. You can find cheap gas prices near you and then get cash back on top of that! Using this app alone can save you $350 or more every year! They offer a special promotional 20c/gal bonus when you download the app using this special promotional link. You could also save on groceries and restaurants.

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4) Sharing is saving

There is always a chance you are using more than you need. One area where you could have forgotten to check this is your club membership. Do you use it? If not cancel it because you can get the same deal online or to be even more frugal, you could join with another neighbor and you both could share the same membership card.

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If you use the internet only for checking emails, you can also share your internet WiFi with your neighbor. This way you and your neighbor can split the club membership and internet bill. Sounds crazy but we are doing it legally here. As long as your neighbor is ok with this split, what else could go wrong? Joking aside, you don’t have to try this if you are turned off by this idea. I have seen some of my old friends do this to save on club membership.

5) Sell that vehicle

If you are no longer commuting to work, relocated to a subway recently, or retired, why own a car? Selling your car means you no longer have to pay for insurance, maintenance (oil change, etc..), gas, etc…

Bike to your local grocery shop or there is always your local bus for a ride during the day. If you need to go on a road trip, you always have a nearby car rental company for you to rent a car or SUV at any time!

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Conclusion on extreme frugality tips

That’s all folks! Please share your extreme or less-than-extreme frugal ideas that you are unheard of. Being Frugal is always good and makes sense. Don’t go overboard because frugal is a choice, not a one-size-fits-all thing that works for anyone who tries these frugal ways of living.