How To Enter A Referral Code On Fetch Rewards – Easy To Follow Steps That Work.

how to enter a referral code on fetch rewards to redeem points

If you are wondering where and how to put that code in the app, I will explain step by step how you can enter and add a referral code in the Fetch Rewards app.

I tried entering the referral code REVIEWS in the Fetch Rewards app and it worked fine. Copy this code and read along to follow the steps to enter it into the app.

Fetch Rewards is a safe app and with a referral code, you can get a good headstart that boosts your earnings quickly.

New users should know that Fetch Rewards now allows you to enter the referral code using two ways. One way is to put in the referral code when you sign-up for Fetch. The other way is to enter it in the app after you sign-up for Fetch Rewards.

How to enter a referral code on the Fetch Rewards app

As a new user, you can follow the below-outlined steps to put in a code during sign-up in the Fetch Rewards app.

Now, you are ready to get the bonus points and ready to shop online. Continue to collect many points as you can and redeem gift cards.

  1. First, go to the Fetch rewards website (click here to go there)
  2. Select your device (iPhone or Android whichever smartphone you own)
  3. Download the app and sign up as a new user. Use Gmail, Apple, or FaceBook to sign up quickly
  4. During sign-up, enter the code to get you 4000 points which is a $4 Fetch Rewards sign-up bonus. This is where you put the code REVIEWS and click sign up. You get 1000 points for scanning your first receipt and then 700 points during the first for another receipt upload.
  5. Open the email that you got from Fetch. Verify your email to confirm that you are a real human and have a valid email.
How to enter a referral code in Fet...
How to enter a referral code in Fetch Rewards app and full review

As an existing user of Fetch Rewards who missed entering a code during sign-up, you can log in and enter REVIEWS following these steps.

  1. Tap on the “Me” tab on the Fetch Rewards app.
  2. Select the Refer a friend option and use code REVIEWS.
  3. You get 4000 points added to your account.

One important thing to note is that you must enter the referral code before you scan your first receipt. You cannot enter a referral code once you have already scanned a receipt.

So use a referral code before starting to use the app and uploading/scanning your first receipt. Click here to see the message from the Fetch Rewards help desk.

If you used a referral link to download the Fetch Rewards app, and you don’t have to enter it, the code will be entered automatically for you.

All you need to do is snap your first receipt in order to receive the referral points.

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If you are a gamer, you can now redeem the Fornite V-bucks gift card using the Fetch Rewards app. Use the referral code as a boost to get $4 and you will quickly add enough Fetch points to redeem Genshen impact primo gems.

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Now that you learned how to enter and redeem a referral code on the Fetch Rewards app and get bonus points, you might want to share this post with someone who needs the same help.

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