Cash App Card For Kids – How Does It Work?

Cash App For Kids - information and guide

Cash app card for kids is a very idea for parents to give their kids a way to help kids to manage and save money.

In this post, we will look at how kids can use the app. Let’s look at how your teenager can use this and how you can set up their Cash app.

Previously Cash app was available only for users over the age of eighteen. But now Cash app is available to users over the age of 13.

What is Cash app for kids?

Cash app is a totally free mobile app that you and your kids can use to send or receive money. As a parent, you can give a card to your kids and track their spending.

How to request approval on the Cash app?

First, as a parent or guardian, you have to approve the Cash app card request sent from your kid. Your son or daughter aged between 13 and 18 can send a request for approval in the Cash app.

Once they get approval from you, they can use the app in the US for P2P transactions, Cash cards, direct deposits, and Boosts.

After you as a parent give permission, your son or daughter can become the legal owner and authorized user of their account. You can now have access to what they doing in the Cash app card and can track your kids’ card activity in monthly statements.

Can you get your kid a Cash app card at 13?

Yes, this card for kids works fine for anyone aged between 13 and 18.

How can I request the Cash app card for my kid and activate it?

Once your kid can get the Cash app downloaded on their smartphone, he or she can do the following steps to request approval for their card.

  1. Open the app and tap on the “Get Free Cash Card” button
  2. On the next screen, they can select their favorite card design.
  3. After your kid selects a card design, on the next screen they can personalize their Cash app card with some custom icon, color, background, etc. They will then Tap on the Order card to order the card.
  4. On the next screen enter the address where you want the card to be sent.
  5. Enter your name and date of birth on the next screen.
  6. You will see the screen where it says “Request Approval”. Tap on it.
cash app card selection
cash card personalize
cash app address for sending the card
cash app legal name

Enter your parents’ Cash tag, phone number, or email to send your request to them.

You will see a message that it is waiting for parents’ approval. Once approved, your kids’ Cash app card will be shipped to the address you entered in the previous step.


In conclusion, the Cash app card for kids has all features you can expect. The only limitation is that you cannot invest in stocks or in bitcoin.

If you or your kid lost your card, you can always request a new Cash app card for free.

Hope this post helped you answer some of the questions you had about the Cash app card for kids.