Here’s The Discount Employee Code for Wayfair – Get 5% Off Your Entire Order!

Discount Code for Wayfair showing how to get it

Wayfair is the destination for all things home and more. I have fun every time I shop at I always look for an employee discount code for Wayfair. Finally, I found a reliable way to get a 5% discount on your entire order of up to 500 dollars!

Let me show you how to get this discount every time you shop at Wayfair. This will save you just as a Wayfair employee discount. Read along and I will show you how in this post.

Get a 5% discount on all Wayfair orders

Almost all of us search for discount codes or promo codes on Google hoping to find one that works at checkout at the Wayfair site. My personal experience is that most of the time these discount codes don’t work. So how do I get this 5% discount? Is there a secret discount code that no one shares on the coupon website?

The secret is not in the coupon sites and there is no employee discount code leaked by a Wayfair employee. Here is how you can get a discount code for Wayfair.

There is no discount code for getting a 5% code. So how in the world will get that 5% discount?

You can get a discount of 5% by using this Fluz cashback app. Download this app first and we will continue discussing how to use this app to get the 5% cashback. OK, are you ready with the app? If not go ahead and first download the Fluz app.

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What is the Wayfair employee discount and how is it?

Based on what I researched online, Wayfair gives up to 60% discount on all their products and services. Of course, this information is no use to you if you are looking for an employee discount. But read more below and find out how you can get 5% even if you are not an employee of Wayfair. 5% is something and little savings add up.

How to get a 5% discount?

Once you download the Fluz app, do these steps. I have done a complete review of the Fluz app. But I will show the quick usage of this app especially to get the discount at Wayfair which I think is almost getting a Wayfair employee discount.

  1. Once you have the app, sign up using your phone number and create a free account. Don’t worry the app does not spam your phone with text messages or calls. This phone verification is just to confirm you are a real user.
  2. Now that you have logged in with your account, search for Wayfair and then select it when it appears in the search results in the app.
  3. Add a payment method in the app. I prefer Paypal which is easy to use. But you can also use a credit or debit card. Now, why do you have to add this payment method? You have to because you will be generating a Wayfair gift card using your money. Let’s say you have $450.25 in your Wayfair checkout. You then buy a $450.25 gift card in the app.
  4. This is where you get 5% cashback when you buy the Wayfair gift card using the app. So for a total of $450.25, you will get a 5% cashback of $22.50. That is great, especially because you get this 5% cashback every time you use this Fluz app.
promo code for wayfair to get the offer

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Get a discount on your first and all future Wayfair orders

If this is your first order with Wayfair, you can very well use the steps mentioned in this post to get the 5% discount. Repeat this on every future order and get the same discount! It is very simple when you use Fluz to get a cashback discount.


No need to spend time searching for codes online that don’t work. Now you have the power of this app to get a 5% employee discount every time you shop at Wayfair.

Since you can only purchase up to $500 in gift cards at one time in the app, you can split your purchase when your purchase is greater than $500, say $1575. You can split your purchase into three $500 and every time you checkout, you buy the gift card in the app and get a 5% discount!

So for a purchase of $1500, you get a 5% discount which is $75. Hope you found this way of saving exciting and useful.

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