Here’s How You Can Get A New Cash App Card If You Lost It

Cash app is a great app for investment, banking, sending and receiving money and so much more. If you are a new user you can get the sign-up bonus. Ok, so if you have lost your Cash app card, you can request it by following the steps listed below.

Requesting a replacement Cash app card

If your card got stolen or got worn out, you can request a replacement cash card.

Step 1: Open the Cash app and tap the Cash Card tab

opening Cash app and go to card screen

Step 2: Tap on the card shown in the Cash app

Click on the card itself that is shown in the Cash app. You will see a menu like this.

reporting lost card in Cash app

Step 3: Select Report your Cash Card

From this menu, select “Report Card Lost or Stolen”.

Replace worn-out Cash app cash card

If your are using your Cash app card for a long time, it might be time to replace it because of wear and tear. If that is the case, select “Change Card Design ($5)” as shown in the screenshot below. You have to pay $5 to get a new card with a new design or you can select the existing design you have on your Cash app card.

Requesting a new Cash app card

Simply tap on the Cash app card tab

getting a new cash app card


Hope these steps helped you order a replacement Cash app card. You can request your new card as a new user when you sign-up. Make sure you report a lost or stolen Cash app card as soon s possible to avoid any further misuse of your stolen card by someone.

If you still have trouble requesting a new card, you can contact their customer support.

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