Here’s How You Can Get A New Cash App Card If You Lost It

Cash app is great app for investment, banking, sending and receiving money and so much more. If you are a new user you can get the sign-up bonus. Ok, so if you have lost your Cash app card, you can request it by following the steps listed below.

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Requesting a replacement Cash app card

If you card got stolen or got worn out, you can request a replacement cash card.

Step 1: Open Cash app and tap the Cash Card tab

opening Cash app and go to card screen

Step 2: Tap on the card shown in Cash app

Click on the card itself that is shown in the Cash app. You will see a menu like this.

reporting lost card in Cash app

Step 3: Select Report your Cash Card

From this menu, select “Report Card Lost or Stolen”.

Replace worn-out Cash app cash card

If your are using your Cash ap card for along time, it might be time to replace it because of wear and tear. If that is the case, select “Change Card Design ($5)” as shown in screenshot below. You have to pay $5 to get a new card with a new design or you can select the existing design you have on your Cash app card.

Requesting a new Cash app card

Simply tap on the Cash app card tab

getting a new cash app card


Hope these steps helped you order a replacement Cash app card. You can request your new card as a new user when you sign-up. Make sure you report lost or stolen Cash app card as soon s possible to avoid any further misuse of your stolen cad by someone.

If you still have trouble requesting a new card, you can contact their customer support.

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