How To Get Your Cable Bill Paid For Free

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We all love good TV and cable TV is the favorite passtime for many. If you are wondering if there is a way to get your cable bill paid for free, I will tell you how you can do this.

Here’s How To Get Your Cable Bill Paid For Free

As you know, nothing is free. But you can pay your bill without using your own money. That is like someone paying your cable bill for you.

Let me explain. Whatever your cable bill, you can find the money to pay it. You might save money by choosing a basic TV package or a combo package with internet.

But here is how you can earn money by doing nothing and then you use that money to pay your cable bill. Use automated ways to earn cashback and then save that for cable bills. Using these automatic cashback apps, you can easily save around $60 every month.

You can now save money at gas stations, grocery stores, 7-eleven,

Paying your cable bill

Once you redeem money from these points or cashback in apps such as Upside, Dosh, Fetch Rewards, and more, simply withdraw at the end of every month.

You should get at least $50 if you regularly use the apps for what it is worth. So, let’s say you redeem some cashback as points. Some as e-gift cards. Set aside some money for those e-gift cards.

In the end, you will see your earnings increase and they sum up to some to anywhere between $40 and $75. This depends on how much you use and how much shop every month.

If you are not frugal enough, read my post on frugal ways to save money. That will give you some extra cash to set aside for paying your cable TV bill.


There is always a way to pay your cable bill if you use the technique I described in this post. So check the complete apps that can earn money for you. Use this earned free money to pay the cable bill.

This is how I can see myself paying my cable bill for free. Remember, the consistent sage of these rewards cashback apps is how you get extra cash to pay anything including cable TV bills.