How To Get Free Money – 5 steps to get $2000!

how to get free money - woman counting dollar bills

Is it true that you can get money? Well, it is indeed true. There is a saying, “There is no such thing called free money”. Whether it is personal or political, there is no free money.

But wait, there is still extra money you can earn and it costs you nothing. I am not talking about government loans and grants. I am talking about the money-making ways you can use it starting today to get extra cash.

Is there any way to earn some extra cash?

Yes, you can get money for doing nothing but you have to do this one-time effort. Then, money comes easily as a passive income. It might be a few bucks here and there. I will tell you about various ways to get extra money and it adds up and becomes hundreds and thousands of extra cash every year!

There are legit ways to earn extra income or side hustle that will get you free money for literally doing nothing!

How awesome is that! Let’s read more about it.

List of ways to earn free money

Free apps give you free money!

Check out my favorite money-earning apps. These apps alone will earn you $750 every year.

List of money-earning apps and my review:

  • Upside: Gas Station Guru: This app helps you find the best deals on gas near you. Activate offers in the app and pay at the pump as usual. Upside then deposits cash back directly into your account – a win for your wallet!
  • Fluz: Rideshare Rebates and More: Fluz isn’t just for gas! This app offers cashback on rideshares like Uber, online shopping at partnered retailers, and even in-store purchases when you pay with the Fluz app.
  • Cash App: The Social Wallet: Cash App lets you send and receive money with friends and family for free, all while earning rewards on qualifying purchases made with the Cash Card. Plus, it integrates social features for a fun way to manage your finances.
  • Fetch Rewards: Receipt Reward Rack-Up: Here’s an app for the savvy shopper. Scan your receipts from any store or restaurant with Fetch Rewards, and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite brands. It’s a painless way to earn rewards on your everyday purchases.pen_spark

Survey websites

Read my post on Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. These two apps let you earn extra cash by taking easy surveys and playing fun games. When you have a few minutes of free time, cash this time by using these apps and stack some points. You can then redeem gift cards or PayPal cash for the points.

Get free money for walking with Sweatcoin

Sweat + coin = Sweatcoin. You sweat and you earn rewards/coins which is real money! We all get that but is it a legit app? Yes, Sweatcoin is a legit app that rewards you for walking which is a nice exercise for people of all ages. Let’s look into how this works and why it is so popular.


One thing I want to caution is to be wary of suspicious emails you receive telling you you can get $1000 or $200 today just for your car title or just for giving your home address. They are probably scams and you should pay attention to the source where the email is coming from..