How to get more gas at the pump?

How to get more gas at the pump - picture of gas prices data

We all fill our tanks every week or so. Some drivers fill it every day and wonder how to get more gas at the pump. In this post, we will look at how you can get more every time you fill up gas at any gas station in the US.

With gas prices rising season after season, year after year, data show it will not stop. But there are ways to get more for your buck and use the tips in this post.

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How to get more gas at the pump?

You can fill in more gas than your car tank can hold. You know this and you cannot pump in more gas. The number shows how much you filled in and charges you for that.

You can also use this Mudflap diesel app to save money and thereby get more gas for your money!

You can save money by filling up your tank after midnight when prices come down to attract customers.

Another way to get more gas for your money is to save on it using a cashback app such as Upside.

You can save some cash by becoming a member of Costco or Samsclub where their gas stations are cheaper comparatively.

Your vehicle needs routine maintenance. That could help a lot when it comes to getting better mileage.

Best Cashback Apps For Saving On Mundane Things

Do all your shopping in one trip rather than going to each shop at different times.

Pumping Prowess Like a Champ – Sure way to save on gas at the pump

  • Early bird gets the denser gas: Forget fighting over donuts, hit the pump at sunrise! Cooler temps mean the gasoline’s all snug and cozy, packing more punch into every gallon. Your wallet will thank you (and maybe your engine, too).
  • Slow and steady, friend: Rushing the pump is like inviting air bubbles to your gas party, and nobody likes those crashers. Take your time, let the nozzle do its thing, and watch those precious drops fill your tank, not the pavement.
  • Click, don’t drown: I know that “auto-shutoff” whisper tempting you to squeeze in a few extra cents, but resist! Topping off is a recipe for spills and wasted fuel. Let the click be your siren song, guiding you to a perfectly filled tank and a clean conscience.

Fuel-Efficient Habits: The Lean, Mean, Saving Machine

  • Trunk Tetris time: Every pound counts in the fuel-efficiency game. Ditch the gym weights and that half-read Stephen King novel lurking in the back. Embrace the minimalist trunk lifestyle for smoother, gas-sipping rides.
  • Cruise control is your chill friend: Let that little blue button be your highway Zen master. Steady speed keeps the fuel gauge happy, while constant stop-and-go is like pouring money down the drain (minus the satisfying splash).
  • Tire TLC: Treat your shoes right: Properly inflated tires are the superheroes of the road. They roll smoother, burn less gas, and save you from that dreaded “low tire pressure” light. Give them a little air love, and they’ll reward you with miles of happy motoring.
  • Maintenance matters: Think of your car as a fancy fuel-burning beast, and regular tune-ups and air filter changes are its power-ups. A well-maintained engine purrs like a kitten (okay, maybe a slightly louder kitten), sips gas like a dainty teacup chihuahua and gets you where you need to go without hiccups.
fuel efficient habits

Beyond the Obvious: Think Outside the Pump

  • Apps are your new gas station besties: Download GasBuddy or Waze – they’re like treasure maps leading you to the cheapest fuel in town. Plus, you might even earn some sweet rewards while you’re at it. Think of free coffee or discounts on that giant novelty pool float you’ve been eyeing.
  • Walk, bike, carpool, repeat: For short trips, ditch the wheels and embrace the power of your own two feet (or someone else’s, if carpooling’s your jam). Save gas, get some exercise, and maybe even avoid that awkward small talk with Aunt Mabel. Win-win-win!
  • Plan your route like a strategist: Combine errands, avoid unnecessary detours, and embrace the joy of efficiency. Think of it as a gas-saving scavenger hunt, where the prize is a full tank and a smug sense of accomplishment.

Remember, fuel-efficient habits aren’t just about saving money; they’re about being a responsible driver and a friend to the planet. So, put these tips into practice, fill up with confidence, and cruise into a future where gas pumps are just friendly pit stops on your epic adventures!


No matter how much you try, there is no way you can outwit a gas station and get more gas after all free gas and free food is a dream. But there is a way to save on gas as mentioned in this post. Use an app join a club member or just get a gas cashback credit card and save hundreds or more every year.