Costco Or Sam’s Club? Which Is Better?

Costco and Sam’s Club are both great club stores that offer a variety of quality products at discounted prices. I will compare Costco and Sam’s Club and guide you to which one is better for shopping.

Club stores are your shopping to save money. But then there is Costco not very far from Sam’s Club. I have always wanted to explore what would it be like to shop at Costco.

So I took a mission to find out what the things that Costco would offer that Sam’s Club wouldn’t. Also, what are the differences and similarities between the two?

I will also give my opinion for each category of products they have and share the winner in each of those categories. Hope this will help you decide which shopping store is better suited for you.

Sams Club Vs Costco – membership fees comparison

Of course, the first thing we think of before joining Sam’s Club or Costco is the fees. Well, both offer membership options.

Costco offers two membership options – “Everyday Value Gold Star” and “2% Annual Reward Executive”

image showing comparison of price Is Costco Or Sam's Club Better
image of is costco or sam's club better

As you can see Sam’s Club membership fees come in two, membership options. You can choose the basic club membership for $55/year or the Plus membership for $110/year.

Sam’s Club is cheaper than Costco. But you should consider other factors too apart from this price comparison. Let’s see other categories of how these stores compare against each other.

Travel discounts – Costco wins here

Costco has its own Costco travel site which gives you discounted prices on vacation packages. If you are an avid traveler who likes to go to the Caribbean or the Bahamas, do check out their travel site.

Just browse as a guest and see the prices they have and you will see they have some unique vacation packages.

Sams Club on the other hand does not offer vacation packages. They offer only discounted tickets to popular destinations such Grand Canyon bus tour. Discounts on movie tickets, ski resorts, hotels, and things like that.

Let’s now compare the products and the brands which is of course the main reason we shop. These are things we regularly shop for. So let’s see which is better Costco or Sam’s Club.

So far the products I have bought at Sam’s Club have been of pretty good quality. Their breakfast biscuit “Belvita” is the one I always buy. It tastes great and the price is lower of course since it is a big size with 20 Belvita packets!

Products and brands -Costco or Sam’s Club?

Costco is the winner here. Costco cares about the quality of products to the extent that they have cut back on some items.

They sell “Kirkland” brands and they are quite good in quality.

One thing that differentiates Costco from Sam’s Club is the wine/alcohol products. They sell wine online at Sam’s Club.

Many say items sold at Costco are better quality than Sam’s Club. But I did not have any problems with the products that I bought at Sam’s Club.


Both Sam’s Club and Costco have gas stations. You can always save on gas at other places too.

Sam’s Club offers regular, premium, and diesel gas. It accepts most major forms of payments are accepted. You can apply for Sam’s Club MasterCard which pays 5 % cashback up to a $6,000 annual cap, then 1 percent thereafter.

Costco only sells Top Tier Gas and cash is not accepted. You can pay only using a Visa credit card. You can apply and get the Costco Visa credit card, which pays 4 % back on gas purchases up to $7,000 per year, then drops to 1 %.

How long are they open? Sam’s Club is the winner here

Both Costco and Sam’s Club have pretty much the same hours of operation. Sam’s Club opens the store a little early and stays open a little late.

Costco’s hours of operation

Mon-Fri. 10:00AM – 08:30PM
Sat. 09:30AM – 06:00PM
Sun. 10:00AM – 06:00PM

One difference when it comes to store hours is that Sam’s Club opens up early for Plus members.

Plus membership early hours

Mon-Fri8:00 am – 10:00 am

Sat8:00 am – 9:00 am

Sams club hours of operation

Mon-Fri10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sun10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Opticals and pharmacy – both win here

Both Sam’s Club and Costco have optical and pharmacy. So both win here.


In conclusion, both Costco and Sam’s Club offer a wide range of products at great discount prices. You should pick Costco if you are a money-saving person and also would like discounts on travel packages. Also, it is good for gas purchases to save extra money.

Sam’s Club is good if you focus only on money-saving products and are quite happy with everyday products. It does not offer international vacation packages at a discounted price.