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Best fuel rewards app - Save at least $400 a year per vehicle!

Updated: May 14

Using Shell fuel rewards app at a gas station

Best rated app saves you hundreds easily. Let's learn what this app is and how it can help you get the best reward as cashback.

Are you using Shell fuel rewards of Gas Buddy? They are not the best fuel rewards program.

Shell fuel rewards app is not working? There are many ways to fix it. You can call customer service or go to their rewards website. Hate Gas Buddy and thinking why I have a=to earn less and still have to carry that extra rewards card.

I will show you an easier and much much better option than that.

You might be earning 5 cents per gallon or more in fuel rewards with the Shell fuel rewards app program. If your fuel rewards card is not working for you anymore, it is time to ditch it and get a better fuel rewards program.

Yes, you can earn 20 to 45 cents or more per gallon in cashback at gas stations in the US. The free mobile cashback app for gas is called GetUpside.

You can read my full review of this gas/fuel cashback app in this blog post.

Users save $400 or more every year on gas per vehicle when they use GetUpside. Use promo code RAMESH863 and get an extra 20 cents per gallon on your next purchase!

Download this app today using this 20 cents per gallon bonus promo link and start saving. This app works better than Shell and saves even more money. All of this without any Shell gas card or anything rewards programs. It is simple, free and you can redeem the cashback earned as e-gift cards or PayPal or get a check in the mail.

Download GetUpside now by clicking on this image. GetUpside is a better gas rewards program than Gas Buddy - read my comparison between the two and how GetUpside is better than gas Buddy


Ditch the Shell fuel rewards app if possible. Earning 5 cents per gallon is not worth it. Use GetUpside instead and you will start earning 10 to 45 cents per gallon in cashback. GetUpside is better than the popular Gas Buddy. I will show you why in this post. GetUpside is available in most locations in the US. Check this post for the participating locations in the US.

Bonus Tip:

Now you also know there is another option. You can use the Shell rewards app to buy the app using the GetUpside app! That way you not only earn your regular Shell fuel rewards but also earn cashback with GetUpside!

Download GetUpside today with this promotional link! and get an extra 20 cents per gallon bonus on your next gas purchase. Let us know if this combo technique worked for you.

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