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7 Smart Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Updated: Jan 1

Everything is online these days. No wonder shopping has gone and people are loving it since it avoids long lines and saves time. The best part is finding that online coupon and seeing it work right away all in the comfort of your own home, coffee shop, or train!

It is good for businesses and easy to find deals and shop around for customers like you and me. It is surprising to see that each individual in the US generates a revenue of around $1800 doing online shopping. It is all good for the economy and more importantly, good for businesses.

While online shopping provides us easy and fast access to products, every one of us wants to get that deal they can bring some smiles. Let us get to know some of the best ways to save money while you do shopping online.

1) Coupons and promo codes

I bet you are tempted to google for coupons. When I shop at Target for say console table, I do a "target console table coupon" or something similar. If you are lucky, you would click on a link that gets your a coupon discount.

How many of us get upset when you click a coupon and it takes you a spam site that is full of unrelated content? Or it takes you to a coupon and you use that coupon only to find that it expired, or it did not work?

But there is this browser toolbar extension call Honey Read my review of this app here.

2) Buying at the right time

When it comes to online shopping, timing is everything. Do you begin shopping a few days before Thanksgiving or Christmas? Do you go online and buy only when you see a sale?

Now, stop doing that and tell this to yourself, "sales happen all the time". Yes, no matter what season it is, there is always a sale going on online. All you need to do is do some planning. For example, you need winter clothes? Buy those during the end of winter or during summer when prices are dropped or discounted just because stores want to get rid of their stock and replenish it for the upcoming year.

The same tip applies to any online shopping whether you are buying clothes or flight tickets or hotel rooms. Plan and buy ahead of time and you will save a ton of money.

3) Use online comparison tools

Another comfort of shopping online is that you can take advantage of comparison tools. These are the sites that go and get quotes from various companies, which you can use to compare and see which suits you. For example, if you are shopping for car insurance, use comparison sites such as Gabi, which get quotes from many insurance companies so you can compare prices and get the best price for your car situation.

4) Use cashback apps

There are thousands of apps that save you money when shopping online. Some ask you to upload receipts and give you points that you can redeem for gift cards or cash. There is even an app that saves you money on groceries. Read my top cashback apps for groceries here.

5) Avoid sneaky traps and tricks

These days online shopping has become even more intrusive - not in a bad way, but to you understand you, as a customer, so that you get relevant product recommendations and offers. This is what people call browser cookies, that little information your browser stores whenever you shop a site. When you return to the same site again, you see relevant offers. Ever wondered how sites know what you purchased from another site or read a product review page from a totally different site?

Always shop in incognito or private browser mode. This ensures that you get to see the online sites as a new customer and new customers are always offered a discount to retain you so you come back for more shopping.

6) Buy it when it drops to a low price

If you shop on regularly, use sites like CamelCamelCamel which alerts when the price of your favorite item drops to a lower price.

7) Add items to cart and leave it there

Do your shopping next time as a logged-in customer but don't buy them immediately. Leave the items be there in the cart. Come back after a day or two and check your emails. Companies like Macy's and Target in most cases send you an email giving you a discount or a free shipping or reduced price offer. So, check email or text message for any offer for items that you left in your cart. This way you get good savings when you pay a little patience in return.


These smart ways definitely save you 10 to 20 % - at least that is very true in my experience. Whether you are buying a pizza or that precious gift for your loved one, you deserve a discount - and that is now possible when you take note of these smart ways to shop online.

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