How Much Is The Walmart Cash Back Limit? All You Need To Know

cash back limit for Walmart debit card purchase

In this post, we will see what is Walmart cash back limit. We will also look at alternatives when you don’t have a debit card to use at the checkout to get cash back.

Does Walmart have a cash-back limit?

Yes, Walmart has a cash-back limit is $100. You can get cash back in increments of $20 up to a maximum of $100 when you use a debit card at the checkout for your purchase. Here’s more you should know when you go to Walmart next time.

How do I get cash back at Walmart?

First, you need to have a bank debit card. Take it with you when you shop at Walmart. When you use the debit at the checkout, simply ask for cash back let’s say $60. You will then get three $20 bills usually of any denomination you prefer like $5 bills or $10 bills.

If you don’t need anything to buy, simply purchase candy or something to check out that item using a debit card. This will enable you to ask for cash back during checkout.


Does Walmart charge for cash back at the register/checkout?

No, Walmart will not charge you for getting cash back at the checkout.

Can I get cash back with Walmart Pay?

No, you cannot get cashback with Walmart Pay. But when you link your Walmart Pay with your rewards credit card, you can earn cashback of 3%.

Can I get cash back for using my Walmart credit card?

Yes, you can earn 5% cash back using a Walmart credit card. There is cash back for other purchases too.

How can I get cashback if don’t own a debit card?

If you don’t own a debit card for your Wlamrt in-store purchase, you cannot get cash back at checkout. But there is another way to cashback. If you own a Walmart credit card, you can get another $100 in increments of $20 when you use the Quick Cash feature. Select Quick Cash once you insert your credit card to use this feature.


In conclusion, we now know that Walmart’s cashback is $100. You can double that amount when you use the Walmart credit card.

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