Rakuten vs Honey – My Personal Experience And Review

In this Rakuten vs Honey post, we will look at these two tools and how they compare. My personal experience of using these apps together with the pros and cons that I found will surely help you decide which one is best for your shopping needs.

We always look for deals and coupons online while shopping. When I wanted to save more money I used to do a Google search and go to coupon sites. But then I came across Rakuten and Honey shopping tools. Using these two money-saving tools, I could save easily without doing all that coupon and deal searches.

Rakuten also known as Ebates has been here for many years. It was possible in 1997 and then it became popular among users. Dropped on partners with dozens of retailers and this makes it easy to own cash back on a wide range of products and services. You can earn real cash back and popular stores online.

Using Rakuten you can also save when you shop offline which is in store. So this is installed as well as online cashback and every time you shop you can use the local time app, or brow for Android website you don’t have to make any effort you just go and Shop as you normally do and you cashback will be automatically applied and email to you when it is added to your account.

If you are in a hurry and want a quick scoop, the following table shows the comparison between Rakuten and Honey.

FeatureRakutenPayPal Honey
Primary FunctionCashback on purchasesAutomatic coupon code application
Browser ExtensionYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
RewardsCashbackHoney Gold (redeemable for gift cards)
Partner RetailersThousandsThousands
Payout MethodPayPal, CheckGift cards
Payout FrequencyQuarterlyVaries, based on redemption
Welcome BonusYesNo
Special PromotionsDouble cashback eventsOccasional higher Honey Gold offers
Price TrackingNoYes
User InterfaceSimple, straightforwardAutomatic coupon application, price tracking
Best ForReliable cashback accumulationInstant savings with coupon codes and price drops
Rakuten vs Honey features comparison in a table

Read on to read my personal experience of using this ap and which of these two I like the most. Let’s look at the key features of Rakuten. Key features.

Rakuten Features

Cash back offers

Using Rakuten you can earn cash back at thousands of retail stores both online and in-store. You can earn cashback anywhere between 1% and 10%.

Browser extension

Rakuten has a browser extension that you can install on your Chrome Firefox or Internet Edge browsers. Once you are installed you can go about shopping as you normally do. I just go to Macy’s or Walmart and then this record on the browser extension shows a pop-up I have a cashback on 1% or 3% and sometimes 10%.

I just click on the pop-up and the cashback deal gets activated and you get redirected to the website. That’s it! You do your shopping and your cash back is calculated automatically. You get an email confirmation about how much you earned. You will also get an email once the money gets credited to your account.

I always use the browser extension because I do most of the shopping online but there are other ways to use record time too. Like for example I can and do shopping when I’m away from home. In that case, it is easy to use too.
You didn’t tell the mobile app I found it a little bit not as easy as the browser extension.

Welcome bonus

Rakuten offers a huge welcome bonus for new users who sign up. The sign-up bonus is $30 and you can get that when you install the app or you sign up and then create a new account. Sometimes the sign-up bonus is an additional cashback of an extra 10% cashback instead of the $30. In either case, this bonus money or cashback offer is a significant benefit for a new user.

rakuten sign-up bonus

Double cash back events.

Double cash-back event is run frequently. Double cash back means that you get double the cashback. Let’s say you usually get 2% cash back at Walmart. Now, when you shop during the double cash back event days, 4% cash back. Sometimes they call it Midweek Madness deals where any shop especially during weekdays and this deal comes during the middle of the week.
You have to keep checking their website and in this new comes you can go and shop and get this awesome double cash back at the participating merchants during the midweek Madness event. I usually go to shop at CVS where I consistently get 5 to 10% cashback!

Rakuten double cashback midweek madness

Payout options
As you sharpen on more cash back your money goes into your bank account. Enough money at least $5.01 you are eligible to cash out your cashback. So when your cashback earnings are greater than $5.01 and cashback the names are hate to you quarterly. The morning of the lockdown payment dates.

Rakuten Payment Dates:

  • February 15
  • May 15
  • August 15
  • November 15

So you can see it’s paid every quarterly during any year. You can also log into your account and track your cashback money.

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of Honey vs Rakuten.

Rakuten Pros and Cons


  • Simple cashback system.
  • An extensive network of partnered retailers.
  • Regular promotions and special events for increased savings.
  • User-friendly website and browser extension.


  • Cashback rates can be lower compared to discount codes offered by Honey.
  • Payouts are not instantaneous and are distributed quarterly.


I also have the Honey browser extension installed in my browser. I want this tool doesn’t ever go I should go shopping and go to the checkout page the only browser extension pops out and then displays a list of coupon codes automatically. I didn’t select the apply button and then it applies all the coupon codes one by one to see which one is valid and works. The inclusion thing it does is it applies the coupon that offers that maximum money saving and redeems that coupon for you.

I usually go to Papa John’s or Walmart or even Amazon and Honey shows me a pop-up with promo codes and coupon codes.

By the way, Honey was renamed to PayPal Honey after being acquired by PayPal. You don’t need to own a PayPal account to use Honey and that’s good news!

Honey also has a Rewards program called Honey Gold their users earn points and redeem them for gift cards.
I have on any points over the years and everything gift cards and it is a legit app.

Honey rewards program vs Rakuten

Let’s see some of the key features of this money-saving tool

Key features – Rakuten vs Honey

Key features

Automatic coupon codes

The work for you it’s such an application that it’s available coupons when you shop online. Just click the button Indian extension to apply the codes.

Price tracking

Honey drop list list feature allows you to track the price of items and receive notifications when prices drop. I often phone this useful when I shop at Amazon. When I click on an item to see the price of the item any automatically shows me the history of price changes for this item. It shows that the price has dropped over the past few days and I should take advantage of this deal. This has me decide if I am getting the best deal at the lowest price. It also helps me to design and I should buy this item at this time because the price is low at this time.

For example, I got this email that a Hex Key Set price dropped. I was shopping for this item a few days before I got this email. Honey alerted me that there is a price from of $5 and I can click and view the item right now and buy. This price tracking feature of Honey was very useful for me. You don’t need to set up any alerts. Honey automatically tracks it for you when you shop for an item.

honey droplist email notification

On another day, I got the dropist email alert for a price of $10 for another item. So you can PayPal Honey does all this work for you for free!

another honey droplist email notification

It also helped me to not buy the price has increased over the past few days. In that case, I go to another website and see this same item is available at a lower price.

Sweet indirectly allows me to decide by purchasing the best price on the current side that I am shopping. If the prices get higher over the past few days it helps me to go to another site thereby saving time and money.

You can always control this notification by logging in to Honey and then going to notification settings. Simply uncheck the box that says Droplist Proce Drop Alerts and you won’t get any such email in the future.

account settings in honey to disable honey droplist email notifications

Let’s look at the pros and cons of honey.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic application of the best coupon codes at checkout.
  • Price tracking and notifications for items on your wishlist.
  • Honey Gold rewards program for additional savings.
  • Instant savings at checkout without waiting for cashback.


  • Savings depend on the availability of coupon codes, which can be inconsistent.
  • Not all retailers are supported by Honey.
  • Rewards are limited to gift cards rather than direct cash payouts.

Rakuten vs. Honey: Head-to-Head Comparison

Cashback vs. Coupons

  • Rakuten: Offers guaranteed cashback on purchases, providing a clear and predictable way to save money.
  • Honey: Applies coupon codes to reduce the upfront cost of your purchase, potentially offering greater savings if a valid code is found.

Rewards Programs

  • Rakuten: Cashback is straightforward and can be received via check or PayPal.
  • Honey: Honey Gold points can be redeemed for gift cards, offering flexibility but potentially less value than direct cashback.

Ease of Use

  • Rakuten: The browser extension makes it easy to activate cashback, but users need to remember to shop through Rakuten.
  • Honey: The extension’s automatic application of coupon codes provides instant savings without extra steps.

Special Features

  • Rakuten: Double cashback events and a generous welcome bonus enhance savings opportunities.
  • Honey: Price tracking and personalized offers add value beyond simple coupon applications.

Conclusion of Rakuten vs. Honey

In conclusion, Rakuten and Honey are very good tools for saving money online. They try to do different shopping habits and they work slightly differently. While Rakuten gives you cashback money, Honey saves you money by applying coupons and discount codes automatically at checkout. The Honey Rewards program is one that I like too. It helps me grow points which I then use to redeem gift cards.

The best way to find out which one is more suitable to use is to use both apps in tandem. I like Rakuten more than Honey because it offers automatic cashback at thousands of details doors. But when I shop at certain shopping stores where lot of coupons and pollutions are there any way I need coupons? So install both the extension and when you shop online for maximum savings and use that offer. Happy shopping!