Skiplagged Review: Is it Legit?

When we want to find a travel deal, whether a hotel or flight, we usually go to sites like Kayak, Expedia, Trivago, and similar comparison sites. But do you know a great site called “Skiplagged?” In this review of skiplagged travel sites, I will dive deep into what this is and how it works.

We will also cover the pros and cons, giving you everything you need to understand this travel site.

Skiplagged is legit and I will explain how it works and why it gives you cheap travel prices compared to other sites. We will cover the benefits of using this service and the pitfalls you must know. I will also share my experience and how I use this Skiplagged for booking my flight tickets.

hotel deals on skiplagged website

What is Skiplagged?

$498 here for example is a low point in the graph showing a Skiplagged website.

Now that is better than $816 if you have picked a different arrival or departure. This is indeed one of the first things I liked about Skiplagged’s website.

What makes Skiplagged travel sites different from other sites?

Let’s see why Skiplagged prices are cheaper. Their uniqueness is appreciable indeed.

Reason #1: Skiplagged shows you flights airlines don’t want you to see

Picture this: You’re planning a trip and stumble upon a neat trick called “skiplagging” or “hidden-city flying.” Here’s the scoop: Say you want to fly from New York to Orlando. You check the prices and find a direct flight for $250. But then, you spot something interesting. There’s a flight from New York to Dallas with a layover in Orlando for just $130. What’s the catch? Well, none! You book the cheaper flight and, here’s the twist, when the plane touches down in Orlando, you simply hop off, skipping the second leg to Dallas. It’s like getting a discount without sacrificing your destination. Pretty clever, right?

Alright, here’s the lowdown on this money-saving travel hack. First off, it’s legit, and you can pocket some serious savings. But before you jump on board, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Travel light: Stick to a backpack that fits under the seat. Trust us, anything bigger risks getting checked at the gate, and those bags will end up in Dallas, your ticket’s final stop!
  2. Bring your passport: Even if you’re not getting to your final destination, some airlines want to see it, especially for international flights.
  3. Visa check: Depending on where you’re headed, you might need a visa. Make sure to check the requirements beforehand.
  4. Keep it low-key: Don’t link your frequent flyer account. Airlines aren’t too keen on this trick and might cancel any miles you’ve racked up.
  5. Return ticket trick: Some airlines might ask for proof of a return ticket during check-in. No sweat, just buy a refundable ticket from them and cancel it once you’re on board.
  6. Easy does it: Don’t overdo it. Flying this way too often, especially on the same route with the same airline, could raise some eyebrows.
  7. Weather watch: In rare cases, like bad weather, the airline might switch up your plans. It’s a small chance, but it’s good to be prepared.
  8. Play it cool: Remember, airlines aren’t exactly thrilled about this, so don’t make it a habit. Keep it on the down-low.

Reason # 2: Skiplagged shows you the cheapest regular flights

SKiplagrad has a unique algorithm and this algorithm finds and shows the cheapest regular flights. It skiplags flights faster than any other site. Hence, the prices you see usually have a stop or two and that is how it finds it first. Then it shows the prices and usually, you can filter the search results to 1 stop or non-stop.

Pros and cons of Skiplagged


  1. It offers significant savings on flights and hotels too. Flights deals mostly attract users but hotel deals are also not bad.
  2. The travel website is easy to navigate and use. You can slide and see prices for different dates.


Following are some of the cons or risks of using this Skilagged. Nevertheless, these cons can be overcome if you make sure if understand the cons and take steps to compensate for the lacking if any.

  1. You cannot check bags if you are utilizing a hidden-city itinerary. Checked bags are available only on regular flights. Booking checked bags in layover city will sometimes end up at the ticketed final destination.

How to use skiplagged?

Simply sign up for Skiplagged and begin your search for flights. You should sign- p for several reasons. First, Skiplaggard gives you a travel credit of $25 every time you book a flight. Second, you can save your travel history and come back and see past travel bookings.

Enter the departure and arrival airport. Now, enter the data one-way or round-trip and hit the Search button. Skiplagged does the rest of the job and brings a list of flights. You can then use the filter on the left-hand side to select your preferences. These can restrict the search to only certain departure or arrival times. You can also restrict to 1-stp or non-stop and so on.

Get $10 when you sign up for a free Skiplaggard account today. They have this special offer for new users only.

skiplagged rewards page

Skiplagged Rewards

Every time you use Skiplagged to book your flight or hotel tickets, you earn reward dollars. I have earned around 34 dollars as you can see in this screenshot of my rewards summary in my account. This is another thing I love about this legit site.

Who can give you rewards as travel credit and still show you the –lowest competitive prices? Only Skiplagged.

Recommendations on using Skiplaggar service

If I find some prices are expensive, I usually do the following and see if I can lower prices. YOu should book directly. Here are some of my suggestions based on my research.

  • Try directly booking on the airline’s website
  • Try looking for a matching itinerary on other travel sites — sometimes airlines expose fares to different sites that are different than those available on their website
  • Try calling the airline

Keep in mind that if you are close to your departure date, airlines change flight prices quite frequently.

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Skiplagged is a legitimate travel booking site. You should check out this site to find lower prices. Although low prices are not guaranteed for all departure, arrival, and date combinations, you should still search and see if you get a cheaper price.

Book confidently using Skiplaged as I have done it myself and my travel was smooth. No canceled flights or delays. This site is genuine and you should join today. Find your next deal flight!