Mudflap Fuel Locations In The US

There are several Mudflap fuel locations with new locations being added every now and then. Let’s look at what fuel stations participate and who you can find in the app.

Mudflap truck stops and fuel locations

Mudflap constantly adding new participating gas stations/fuel locations across the US. If you need to find the nearest participating gas station for your truck stops, you can check it out in the app.

Open the Mudflap app and go to the map in the Find Fuel section to find the fuel stops in that area. You can tap on a map location and it will show you all of the discounted fuel stops or you can search by the route.

That is the only way to find fuel stops. Their website does not have a search feature which is not an easy way anyway for search. This app is quite easy to use and all you need to do is tap on Find Fuel in the app.

Finding Fuel stop locations

The Mudflap app is a platform that helps truck drivers and fleet owners manage their logistics, expenses, and compliance requirements. One of the features of the Mudflap app is the ability to find fuel stop locations along a route.

Here’s how you can find fuel stop locations using the Mudflap app.

  1. Open the Mudflap app and enter your route information.
  2. Click on the “Fuel” tab on the app’s menu.
  3. The app will display a list of fuel stop locations along your route, including their distance from your current location and their amenities.
  4. Select the fuel stop location that best fits your needs and preferences.
  5. The app will provide directions to the selected fuel stop location. It will also show information on fuel prices, payment methods, and rewards programs.

The availability and accuracy of fuel stop information may vary depending on the data sources used by the Mudflap app. So, you should double-check the information provided by the app with other sources, such as Google Search or your GPS app. Usually, the locations are up-to-date and Mudflap puts real participating gas stations.

List of Mudflap fuel station locations in the US

I checked if there is a way to find the list of participating gas stations on their Mudflap website just like Upside has the list online. But unfortunately, the only way you can get a list of participating as stations near you is by searching for it in the Mudflap app.

Personally, my experience is that when I type a state name such as “South Carolina” I did not get a list of stations in that state. Of course, the list will be huge so I tried the city name and type it into the app.

It showed me a list of fuel stops that had that name but not the actual list of fuel stops in that city.

Mudflap app showing fuel


Mudflap app is the only method you can search and find fuel locations near you. But it can do better. They can put a list of fuel locations on their website so it is easy to search. Also, they could improve the search results in the app. Instead of showing all stations that match the name “South Carolina” they can actually show locations that for that state.