Here’s How To Make $200 A Day With Instacart

image of Instacart Shopper doing her job

Working for Instacart is very rewarding since you can earn good money working on flexible hours. In this post, we can see how some earn up to 200 dollars a day with Instacart.

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What is Instacart

Instacart is a web-based platform that offers easy and efficient grocery delivery and pick-up service this allows you to purchase a wide array of groceries and household items from local stores and then get them right at your doorstep. You can also use the option of ready for pickup at the store. 

This Innovative platform allows you to explore a wide range of products handpicked the items you desire and then schedule your delivery or pick-up in an easy convenient way.

One main differentiator that sets Instagram apart from its competitors is that it offers a premium membership program.  This program is called the Instacart Express and if you sign up for this program you will get free delivery on eligible orders and other benefits. 

You can pay a monthly or annual fee for this program.  So we go to Instacart’s user-friendly website and then you shop and then you can view your passport access and then reorder them frequently with just a few clicks.

What is Instacart Shopper

Instacart Shopper is a service offered by Instacart.  This service is a grocery delivery and pick-up platform.  Instacart Shoppers are independent contractors who shop for items and deliver those grocery items to customers

when you place your grocery orders through the Instacart app or website the order is assigned to an Instacart shopper.  This in Chicago then shops for the items at the local grocery store and delivers them to your doorstep.  They see what percentage of the order value as payment for their services.

Ways to make 200 dollars a day with Instacart

You are trying to earn $50 and find even that a difficult thing to achieve every day. But how can you earn $200 a day as others say?

Following are some tips from other Instacart shoppers to make more money up to $200 or even more every day.

  1. Wake up early like 5 am. Go to stores such as Sprouts, Kroger’s, and Target, which open at 6 am or 7 am and have busy orders in the morning. That way you are the “priority” to these stores.
  2. Do not go to stores in the afternoon like 3 pm when the orders are very slow.
  3. If you feel worn out after 10 orders or so, take a break in the store. Grab a snack and do an office order in the break rooms.
  4. Do batches for more than 30 items. Doing it for 15 items will not pay you much. Doing 5 or 6 batches with 30 plus items will help you make $200 or more and it worked well for some Shoppers. Be patient. it takes time.
  5. Even if you do 20-plus items you can reach $200 a day. In this scenario, you are working too hard and might get tired of doing many batches.

Conclusion on Instacart 200 dollars a day opportunity

You have to be going out to stores during peak times usually from 7 am to 9 am or during other pick times based on the store. Again, when you make 200 dollars a day with Instacart, you might get tired.

Take a break between batches when possible, It is recommended to do big batches with 30+ items which will easily pay you $50 to $60 on average per batch. A couple of big batches here and there will easily help you make $200 with Instanncart.