Why Cash App Won’t Let You Send Money

Cash App screen showing warning message that payment might be a scam when send money for my protection

Cash App is a free and helpful app for sending and receiving money. Cash App is very secure and sometimes it won’t let you send money you might be wondering why this happens for your protection.

Top reasons why Cash App won’t let you send money

Let’s see some of why this can happen to you in the Cash App.

  1. The recipient to whom you are sending money in the Cash App is not a scammer or a fraudulent person. The cash app monitors all account activity and it determines that the recipient is a bad actor. Hence, it protects you from a scammer trying to get money from you.
  2. It might be due to a technical glitch. Contact Cash App customer service.
  3. Your Cash App is out of date. Update the app on your phone. Sounds weird but it works for some users.
  4. The money sent shows as pending. Call Cash app customer care and ask them to cancel your pending transaction. Then, try again the next day.
  5. Check the Cash App tag of the receiver or the recipient. Any typo here will prevent you from sending money and will be declined for your protection.
  6. Check that you have enough money in your account
  7. The money that you send might be declined by the recipient
  8. Finally, check that your account is not locked or blocked. Cash App locks an account if they notice sending or receiving from untrusted receipts.

How to fix and send money issue

Check the following to fix the send money issue.

  1. Check that you have enough funds in your Cash App account.
  2. Check the recipient and make sure he/she is a trusted person.
  3. If you find that your account has been blocked or locked, call Cash App customer service to find out why.


Cash App won’t allow you to send money as a protection measure. What this means is that the receiver is probably been banned or blocked from the Cash App. This is only for your protection and we have learned why this can happen to you.

Make sure you send money only to people you know and trust. Some strange requests in the app might look authentic but they are scammers. I also suggest that you read the ways to keep your Cash App account secure.