HostGator Coupon For 60% Discount And $70 In Cashback!

HostGator is a popular hosting platform that comes with all the good features awesome WordPress and full admin control. If you are looking for a Hostgator coupon or discount deal, you can get a 60% discount on any hosting plan and up to $70 in cashback after that! Read more and find out how you can get this amazing offer.

I used Bluehost for quite some time almost two years now and wanted to switch to a new hosting provider. Then I heard good reviews about HostGator with their competitive pricing plans. I looked for discounts and deals for the HostGator hosting plan and found a way to get a big discount.

What is the HostGator coupon?

The best HostGator coupon for a 60% discount is available o you when you use this promotional link. Let’s see how you can get an additional $30 as cashback for joining HostGator.

How to get a HostGator discount?

To get this highest discount, follow the steps I explain in the following section. Follow the two steps to get 60% off of any plan and then an additional $30 in cashback.

Step 1: Get $40 cash

Now can get an additional $30 as cashback when you install the Rakuten cashback browser extension. You can sign up for Rakuten, and install the convenient Rakuten browser extension. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, whichever browser you have on your computer.

Step 2: Apply coupon to get 60% off any HostGator plan

To begin with, click this HostGator referral invite link to get the 60% off promotion. You will be taken to the 60% off deal page Stay on this page. Go to step 3 to activate the free $30 cash back with Rakuten

Step 3: Get an additional $30 cash-back

This is what got me excited the most. After you click the invite link in step 2, stay there. In a few seconds, you will see the Rakuten cashback extension in your browser showing a pop-up message. The message will say “Activate up to $30 cash back”. Click on this button and it will refresh the page and show you the HostGator site again. Now you can begin to purchase any plan. This is a great way to save money on HostGator!

Once your purchase is verified by Rakuten, you will get the $30 in your Rakuten account in a few days! You will get an email from Rakuten just like the one shown here which is the email I got in a few days.

Hostgator cashback deal email confirmation

I am showing you my Rakuten extension in my browser showing the cashback history that I did earn the $30 cashback. This is real cash that you can redeem from your Rakuten account.

cash back of $30 activated for Hostgator


Earning a great discount with HostGator is a big deal. With the Rakuten cashback offer of $30 plus the Rakuten sign-up bonus of $40, you get $70 in free cash.

You have now learned how to get a 60% promotional discount on HostGator plans and a free cash offer totaling $70. That’s like a free HostGator plus bonus money for you. Hope this post helped you to get the best HostGator coupon. Share this post with your friends so they can also learn how to get this amazing offer.