Is Sweatcoin legit? App Review

Sweatcoin app showing user's step tracking screen

In this post, we will find out if Sweatcoin app is legit or not from my personal experience and the Sweatcoin reviews. Read the entire post to get an overview of this app with its features, pros, and cons.

Is Sweatcoin legit?

Yes, the Sweatcoin app is legit and it pays real points (sweatcoins) for walking. You can redeem rewards from their shopping store in exchange for sweatcoins. Continue below to read my review of the Sweatcoin app that shows that this app indeed is legit..

Sweatcoin app review

Sweat + coin = Sweatcoin. You sweat and you earn rewards/coins which is real money! We all get that but is it a legit app? Yes, Sweatcoin is a legit app that rewards you for walking which is a nice exercise for people of all ages. Let’s look into how this works and why it is so popular.

How much can I make with this Sweatcoin legit app?

One thing to keep in. mind is that this app is not going to pay like $20 every day for walking a mile or two. It counts your steps and then rewards some sweatcoins accordingly. The more you walk the more you earn sweatcoins. This is what I initially learned after reading Sweatcoin reviews in the app store.

A nice thing about this app is that you can set goals for how much you want to walk. You can set goals like “I want to walk 2000 steps every way” or “I want to walk 100000 steps every year”. This sets you up for a healthy habit that becomes automatic. You get up and walk every day and you see points accumulate without you anything.

sweatcoins review showing how app counts steps and tracks yearly goals
sweatcoin review

The app works with the iPhone health tracking mechanism and records your step counts.

What about data privacy?

According to their Sweatcoin website, Sweatcoin keeps your data private which means they don’t share or sell your data.

Your phone, email, and step count are all kept confidential. My review of this feature is that I feel safe that the data is protected. My personal information was all dummy. So give a dummy name and address in the Sweatcoin app if you are concerned about privacy.

If you want to upgrade to premium Sweatcoin, you will need real information about your name, address, and payment information. Even in this case, your information is safe just like other apps. Make sure you create a strong password for your premium account.

What can I get for my sweatcoins? Is it worth the bang for the nice stuff?

You can use your sweatcoins and shop their store for great products. If you want to donate your coins to a charity there is an option for that too. Another way to redeem coins is through PayPal.

I felt that the Sweatcoins I accumulated were enough only for a $10 Amazon gift card. There is much other great stuff that you can shop and exchange for your Sweatcoins. But you should have a lot of Sweatcoins.

A huge number of Sweatcoins is needed to buy some nice stuff in the Sweatcoin shop. For example, 100,000 Sweatcoins for a pendant.

While you can accumulate that many Sweatcoins with ease by working out every day, there is another catch. It is the cost of shipping. When you come to shop and checkout, you must pay a shipping fee and it is not free.

sweatcoin shop showing products that user can redeem

This is the only thing I did not like about Sweatcoin when it comes to shipping. In my opinion, this is the biggest turnback for users to stop using this app after some time. At least that is what I feel.

Join Sweatcoin today, and stay fit while earning some rewards too!


Sweatcoin is good for earning Sweatcoins and keeping yourself fit at the same time. It is a win-win app where you earn Sweatcoins and shop and get items for free while you work out and keep yourself fit. The only thing to keep in mind is that most items require a lot of Sweatcoins and it does not come with free shipping. After all, you have to sweat more to keep yourself fit. The shipping cost is an unnecessary sweat on the user’s part. Other than that I would rate this as a great app that motivates and rewards you for staying fit. I can say personally that Sweatcoin is a legitimate app. You can use it and expect no scams or privacy threats.