T-Mobile Tuesdays – All You Need To Know

image of T-Mobile Tuesdays app

Tired of Tuesdays feeling like Mondays’ grumpy cousin? Well, hold onto your hats, T-Mobile fam, because T-Mobile Tuesdays are here to paint your week with shades of freebies and epic deals!

Imagine this: waking up to a treasure trove of exclusive perks, from free food and movie tickets to sweet discounts on everything from tech gadgets to your next weekend getaway. Every Tuesday, it’s like Christmas comes early, but instead of reindeer, you’ve got the iconic magenta T delivering joy right to your phone.

But wait, there’s more! This ain’t just a one-trick pony. T-Mobile Tuesdays are your gateway to:

  • Winning epic prizes: Think smartphones, vacations, and experiences that’ll have your friends green with envy. ✈️
  • Supporting good causes: Feeling generous? Some Tuesdays let you donate directly to worthy charities, turning your freebie into a feel-good fest.
  • Unlocking hidden surprises: Keep your eyes peeled for bonus offers and secret deals that’ll make you shout “score!” louder than a giddy otter at a seafood buffet.
T-Mobile perks - image showing all types of perks

So, ditch the Tuesday blues and dive into the vibrant world of T-Mobile Tuesdays. Whether you’re a seasoned T-Mobile master or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone. Scroll down to uncover the secrets of unlocking this weekly bonanza and turn your Tuesdays into the happiest day of the week!

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T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a free mobile app that customers of qualifying wireless and internet plans on T-Mobile. You can download and get great offers and perks in the app every Tuesday. This is a weekly thing that happens every Tuesday. You can get this free stuff and great perks with this weekly event just because you are a T-Mobile customer.

 T-Mobile Tuesdays was launched in the year 2016. Since then T-Mobile customers have redeemed over 450 million free offers and deals from their favorite brands like MLB.tv, Dunkin’, Redbox, Taco Bell, Atom Tickets, Live Nation, Shell, and more. All these perks just for being with T-Mobile.

image showing offer 10% cash back at participating restaurants every Tuesday

Some examples of the free offers and prizes that you will see every Tuesday are:

  1. Free food
  2. Discounted tickets
  3. chance to win vacations, MLB tickets, gift cards, the latest phones, and more.
  4. Up to 30% off theme parks
  5. $0.10 off fuel/gallon from Shell
  6. T-MOBILE TRAVEL – Get a $10 hotel credit with a flight reservation
  7. Exclusive access to concerts, festivals, and more

How to redeem the offers and prizes in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app

There are no points to earn, and no cashback to redeem for offers or perks. Follow three easy steps to start enjoying the weekly offers and participate in prizes:

  1. First, download the free T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign Up with your T-Mobile or Sprint mobile phone number.
  3. Check out the app every Tuesday to claim your deals.
T-Mobile prize - screenshots of successful prize wins


Existing customers of qualifying T-Mobile wireless or internet plans must take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesday’s perk. Get the app and check every Tuesday and you will never know how cool the prizes you could win and the offers you will get. Don’t miss out on this great benefit from T-Mobile for just being a customer!