Ibotta Referral Code: XTTRHXS. Use It Today And Get Your Sign-Up Bonus.

Ibotta referral code XTTRHXS gives you a $10 sign-up bonus and a $20 welcome bonus when you complete a cashback offer in the app.

New users can sign up for Ibotta with this Ibotta referral link and get a $10 sign-up bonus!

Existing users who already downloaded the Ibotta app can enter the promo code XTTRHXS to get the sign-up bonus.

Earn cashback rewards using Ibotta is easy and you can redeem your earnings as gift cards.

Does Ibotta have a referral code?

Yes indeed! Ibotta does have a referral code XTTRHXS gives you a sign-up bonus of $10 immediately.

Login to Ibotta and apply your code to get the bonus.

This referral code for Ibotta is an alphanumeric code that new users like you can use to get special offers such as this sign-up offer. When you enter a referral code XTTRHXS. for example, you can get a special sign-up offer ().

Referral codes for Ibotta usually do not expire so you must redeem this offer during sign-up today. One thing about referral codes is that you cannot use them again. But you can share it with friends and they apply the same code to get the offer.

How to enter a referral code

Follow the steps outlined below to redeem the $10 Ibotta referral bonus and you will also get the welcome bonus of $20.

  1. Download Ibotta and open the app.
  2. Login to Ibotta or sign up as a new user.
  3. Use the best Ibotta referral code “XTTRHXS” on the sign-up page.
  4. The $10 welcome bonus will be credited to your account!
image of Ibotta app screen to enter referral code

Can I Use Ibotta Referral Code After Sign-up?

You should use the reward code during sign-up which is the only change where you can put the code XTTRHXS to get the $10 welcome bonus.

After you create your Ibotta account, you cannot use the referral code just like they confirmed in one of the Reddit forums here.

If by any chance you created an Ibotta account without entering the code, the only thing you can do is delete your account and then create a new account again to apply the bonus referral code.

How do the Ibotta referral code and the app work?

Once you have the Ibotta app installed, open it, and then after you sign in, go to find offers to search for your stores. The neat thing is that the app automatically locates your nearby participating stores and shows them to you as a list.

When you see the store you want to shop in the display, click on it to find the products and the cashback amount that you will earn if you buy them today. Add the items as you search more and the app will track and keep the list of added items.

When you go shopping, buy the items as you do normally and then pay it and get the receipt. This receipt is important as you will then upload this using the app.

Three reasons why you should use the Ibotta app

You should use the Ibotta app because it saves you money in. many ways as listed below.

1) Earn cashback every time you shop for groceries

Select your grocery store, shop, upload the receipt, and see the cashback in your account within a day or two. It is that easy and simple.

With online shopping, you don’t even have to upload receipts. Ibotta knows what items you shopped by reaching out to the retailer and then you get your cash back just like that.

Search for offers in the Ibotta app. They update it every day and when you find your favorite item, go buy it and earn cashback!

2) Use your loyalty and make earning easier

Are you a Wegman’s, Target loyalty customer, or a loyalty customer of any other retailer? Simply add your loyalty (membership card) number to the Ibotta app and it is linked now for all your future purchases. From now on, when you go shopping, you don’t have to upload for receipt.

Shop and you will see your cashback within hours. It is quick and easy with loyalty since you are avoiding the extra step of uploading receipts.

3) Earn extra cash when you shop online every time

With online shopping, you don’t even have to upload receipts. Ibotta knows what items you shopped by reaching out to the retailer and then you get your cash back just like that.

Redeeming your earnings in Ibotta

Once you have earned at least $20 in Ibotta, you can withdraw your money as a gift card. Simply tap on Withdraw Earnings as shown in the image below. On the next screen, tap on Gift cards. You should receive your e-gift card via email in a day or two.

Is Ibotta Legit?

Ibotta is a cashback app that is available for smartphones and computers (Mac and Windows) which you can use to save money on groceries, whether you are shopping online or in-store. Just not groceries, you can shop anywhere in the US because Ibotta gives you cash back on major popular stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, and Macy’s.

Using the mobile app is much easier than desktop but maybe that is just me. For smartphones, once you download it from the Apple store or Android. You Ibotta is an app that gives you real cashback when shopping online at hundreds of stores such as Walmart, Target, and Macy’s.


It is easy to carry Ibotta on your phone and as you shop you can so search or scan a barcode to see how much a cashback offer is for the item you are interested in. The app has a barcode scanner tool near the search at the top right. Simply click on it and you can scan the barcode of the in-store and quickly see if that item is eligible for cashback.

Invite your friends and family to Ibotta

Inviting your friends and family to join Ibotta is pretty easy. Follow the steps below to get them signed up for Ibotta.

Step 1: Find your unique referral code in the Ibotta app. Simply tap on your profile and then tap Invite friends to see your referral code.

Step 2: Ask your friend to install the Ibotta app. During sign-up, make sure your friend or family member enters your unique referral code when creating a new Ibotta account.

Step 3: Once your friend makes their first purchase in the Ibotta app, you will get the referral bonus. Your friend also gets the sign-up bonus in this process.

Your referral bonus is usually credited to your account within a day or two at the max.

Ibotta browser extension

If you are shopping online, you can use the desktop browser extension for Ibotta. Install the Ibotta Chrome extension, or Microsoft Edge extension depending on which browser you use for shopping online. No, there is no bonus as of now. If I am wrong, comment down below how much is the bonus and I can update this post.

That’s it, the tip I learned is to install the extension in the browser so it automatically pops up and asks you to apply the cashback promo where you are shopping. That way you get the cashback reminded to you and you will never again lose any cashback offer or forget that huge cashback deal.

Ibotta Friends And Family Sweepstakes

In addition to getting a sign-up bonus, you can get a bonus through other ways such as participating in Ibotta friends and family sweepstakes.

Conclusion on the Ibotta referral code

You must use the Ibotta promo code XTTRHXS to a great start earning cash for shopping online just like you always do. No need to worry about forgetting to upload your receipts. Enter your Target or Walmart account information in the app which is always secure. Just link it and forget it. Using Ibotta has never been easier than this.

So, go shopping as you are, and remember to install the Ibotta browser extension as explained in this post. Earning cashback using Ibotta is very similar to the Upside app for cash back on gas.