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Ibotta Referral Code - Get a $20 bonus with code "ucpyjci"

Updated: 2 days ago

Ibotta reward codes list:

Is there any referral code for Ibotta?

Yes, the Ibotta referral code is "ucpyjci". Use this and get a $10 welcome bonus during sign-up and unlock extra savings on your online or in-store purchases.

Users frequently get the Ibotta promo codes to earn even more cashback when shopping online or in-store. If you are looking for an Ibotta referral or promo ode and would like to know how this works, you have comes to the right place.

You will learn tips and tricks on how to further get more cashback and use a referral program from Ibotta to get more rewards and cashback.

What is a referral code?

Yes, you can now get the facts about the referral code for Ibotta to find out more about this here. This referral code "ucpyjci" is valid and you can check the proof here and in the screenshot below. (Get the referral facts here if you are interested).

How to redeem the Ibotta referral code?

If you are a new user and looking for a welcome bonus, simply the reward code "ucpyjci" when signing up and you will get a $10 sign-up bonus. New users and existing users can use this code. Click here to download the Ibotta app and get this bonus offer. The bonus promotional offer is applied automatically!

How to enter the referral code?

  1. Click here to register as Ibotta app

  2. Enter the Ibotta promo code "ucpyjci' in the Referral code and fill in other details such as your name and address.

  3. Click continue to apply referral code and finish setting up your account

  4. You can sign-up using Facebook, Google, or email. If you have a Gmail or Facebook account, you can click on the button as shown below and log in to sign up faster instead of filling the form.

Can I Use Ibotta Referral Code After Sign-up?

You should use the reward code during sign-up which is the only change where you can put the code "ucpyjci" to get the $20 welcome bonus. After you create your Ibotta account, you cannot use the referral code just like they confirmed in one of the Reddit forums here. If by any chance you created an Ibotta account without entering the code, the only thing you can do is to delete your account and then create a new account again in order to apply the bonus referral code.

What is Ibotta and how do I earn cashback?

Ibotta is a cashback app that is available for smartphones and for computers (Mac and Windows) which you can use to save money on groceries, whether you are shopping online or in-store. Just not groceries, you can literally shop anywhere in the US because Ibotta gives you cash back on major popular stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, and Macy's.

Using the mobile app is much easier than desktop but maybe that is just me. For smartphone, once you download it from the Apple store or Android (be sure to enter code

You Ibotta is an app that gives you real cashback when shopping online at hundreds of stores such as Walmart, Target, and Macy's.

Lady shopping and uses Ibotta mobile app

It is easy to carry Ibotta on your phone and as you shop you can so search or scan a barcode to see how much cashback offer is for the item you are interested in. The app has a barcode scanner tool near the search at the top right. Simply click on it and you can scan the barcode of the in-store and quickly see if that item is eligible for cashback. Click here to download the app right now and get started with a $20 welcome bonus.

[While you are driving to shop your favorite store and saving using Ibotta, why not save some more by saving on gas with this app? Full details here.]

If you are shopping sitting at home using your computer, don't worry. You have the desktop browser extension for Ibotta. Install the Ibotta Chrome extension, Firefox add-in, or Microsoft Edge extension depending on which browser you use for shopping online.

How does the Ibotta app work?

Watch this quick video to get a feel of how it will look awesome earning cashback as you shop!

Once you have the app installed, open it, and then after you sign in, go to find offers to search for your stores. The neat thing is that the app automatically locates your nearby participating stores and shows them to you as a list.

When you see the store you want to shop in the display, click on it to find the products and their cashback amount that you will earn if you buy that today. Add the items as you search more and the app will track and keep the list of added items. When you go shopping, buy the items as you do normally and then pay it and get the receipt. This receipt is important as you will then upload this using the app.

The app scans the receipt and then applies the item you previously added to the offer list and the cashback offers are picked and shown to you for confirmation. Go ahead and scan it and then confirm your eligible items and the summary of the cashback you will get. Then hit the send button to send the receipt for Ibotta to verify your purchases.

You will receive the cashback amount anywhere from few hours to 2 or 3 days as soon as they verify your receipt ad the items you added for cashback.

When shopping online, it gets even better. As soon as you go to or, the Ibotta extension will pop up and says that you can get cashback at this site. Activate the offer by clicking the Ibotta Extention pop-up message and the cashback is tracked for items you add to your cart. After you make a purchase during the cashback, items eligible for cashback are automatically applied and shown up in your account within a day or two.

Which store purchases are eligible for Ibotta?

Pretty much all stores where you might be shopping already are supported by the Ibotta cashback program. All popular store categories from groceries, clothing, restaurant, food delivery, etc... The list goes on and you can check the full categories and the list of stores here.

Ibotta supporting more than 1000+ stores and the number of stores growing every day is here to save you money whether you are ordering a pizza, shopping for groceries, order food for delivery, renting a car, or the romantic flowers you are ordering for that special someone.

Whether you are shopping brick-and-mortar stores, online, or even the new ways as per Gartner, Ibotta always earns you cashback no matter where you are shopping.

Go to their website search offer page here and you can search for your favorite stores and see items eligible for cashback.

A small sample list of stores. There are hundreds more.



Giant Eagle

Harris Teeter



Grocery Pickup & Delivery

Food Lion


Safeway Online

Online Shopping


Banana Republic






Health & Beauty




Contacts Direct


What is all about the Ibotta referral code hack?

Yes, the answer is many users use referral codes for sign up and it works. But one thing they forgot to do is to use it within the first 14 days. That is because the hack to get the $20 bonus is to redeem it within that 2 week time period. So go shopping as you are and remember to install the Ibotta browser extension as explained in this post.

That's it, the hack is to install the extension in the browser so it automatically pops up and asks you to apply the cashback promo where you are shopping. That way you get the cashback reminded for you and you will never again lose any cashback offer or forget that huge cashback deal. This is the hack and you know it is not a big deal but many users install it on their phone and forget it.

Go ahead and install the Ibotta app in your browser as well so you get cash back when shopping online too and also get reminders whenever you go to an eligible online store for shopping for your everyday needs.

How do I redeem offers when shopping online?

Redeeming your offer online is different and much simpler than redeeming for in-store purchases. When you shop online, you don't have to upload your receipt unlike you do for in-store purchases.

Ibotta automatically gets information about your online purchase from the retailer where you did purchase the items.

In the app, when you see an online shopping offer, click on it and you will be taken to the shopping site of the retailer in the browser. Stay in the browser and finish your shopping. Do not open Ibotta if you are asked to do it while clicking on the online shopping offer. Once you are done with online shopping in the safari browser in iPhone for example, your purchase information is gathered by Ibotta by linking your purchases to the retailer.

How often can I redeem my cashback?

As you you earn the minimum redeem threshold of $20, you can redeem your earned cashback.

Are there any points or coupons for Ibotta?

There are no points or coupons offered. Ibotta pays it all in cash. Once you reach the minimum amount of $20, you can redeem it as cash! How easy and simple is that? Easy as getting money out of your pocket.

Why Ibotta is the best cashback app?

1) Earn cashback every time you shop for groceries

Select your grocery store, shop, upload the receipt and see the cashback in your account within a day or two. It is that easy and simple. With online shopping, you don't even have to upload receipts. Ibotta knows what items you shopped by reaching out to the retailer and then you get your cashback just like that.

2) Use your loyalty and make earning easier

Are you a Wegman's, Target loyalty customer or a loyalty customer o any other retailer? Simply add your loyalty (membership card) number in the Ibotta app and it is linked now for all your future purchases. From now on, when you go shopping, you don't have to upload for receipt. Shop and you will see your cashback within hours. It is quick and easy with loyalty since you are avoiding the extra step of uploading receipts.

3) Earn extra cash when you shop online every time

With online shopping, you don't even have to upload receipts. Ibotta knows what items you shopped by reaching out to the retailer and then you get your cash back just like that.

How do I link and earn cashback?

Let's take the example of a store like Walmart. If you have an online account with Walmart, have it handy.

  1. Open the Ibotta app

  2. Select Walmart and go to its retailer page.

  3. Tap on the "Link Walmart account"

  4. Sign in with your Walmart account credentials

  5. Walmart pay will launch automatically and you set up the payment method

  6. Now return to the Ibotta app

  7. Add offers and purchase items using Walmart pay.

  8. You will earn cash back on your qualifying purchase within a day.

If you do not have a Walmart account, please create a new account when you go to the retailer page in the Ibotta app and set up a new account. After that continue the steps as explained above.

If you are a Target or Wegman's customer having a loyalty card, enter it in the Ibotta link account. Now your purchases will be tracked using your loyalty car linked to Ibbota and your earnings for qualifying purchases will be shown in your Ibotta account within a day or two at the max.

Earning cashback using Ibotta is very similar to the GetUpside cashback app. With no hassle earnings at 1000+ stores and the convenience of receipt-less cashback makes Ibotta the best cashback for shopping online and in-store.

Are you new to Ibotta? Download the Ibotta free app today and start earning cashback on things you shop for every day.

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