Cut the Music, Not the Cord: Canceling Spotify Premium

Feeling the need to downsize your music budget? Canceling Spotify Premium is a breeze, whether you’re a solo listener or part of a family plan.

Before you hit pause:

  • Downgrading means ads and limited features.
  • Playlists and saved music are still yours.
  • You keep Premium access until the next billing cycle.

Ready to cancel? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Head to your account: Log in to on your browser.
  2. Find your plan: Under “Account Overview,” click “Change plan.”
  3. Initiate the break-up: Scroll down and select “Cancel Premium.”
  4. Confirm your decision: Click “Yes, cancel” in the pop-up.

Family/Duo Plans? Different story:

  • Plan managers: Follow the steps above, but warn everyone – they lose Premium after the next billing cycle.
  • Plan members: Following the steps removes you from the plan, not canceling it. Contact the plan manager for changes.

No “Change Plan” option?

Your subscription is linked to a partner company (e.g., a mobile carrier). Find their contact info on your account page:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under “Manage your plan,” check “Payment.”
  3. Apple users: Follow Apple’s cancellation instructions.

Free Spotify Account?

There’s nothing to cancel here. You might be charged on a different account. Try logging out and back in with other logins.

Alternative option:

You can also cancel by filling out this form: URL cancel Spotify subscription ON and sending it to Spotify.

Remember: Canceling only affects your account, not family plans (unless you’re the manager). Premium access lasts until the next billing cycle.

So there you have it! Canceling Spotify Premium is a simple process. Now go forth and discover new musical adventures!