GetUpside Promo Code Radio (aka Upside)

GetUpside Promo Code Radio entered on the upside app

If you looking for a radio promo code for GetUpside, you can find many online. But a reliable promo code that is valid right now for GetUpside is “CASHBACK20” for an extra 20 cents per gallon bonus on your next gasoline purchase. With this code, you can get the same promotion mentioned in the radio ad.

Recently, I am hearing one or two GetUpside ads on the radio. Even YouTube has ads on the GetUpside promo code.

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GetUpside Radio Ad For Sharing Promo Code – Is it worth it?

Advertising on the radio for promo codes for GetUpside is a good idea. But you should know how much it costs to advertise on a typical local radio station. Every time your ad runs on the radio, you can expect a charge of $10.

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How can I earn even more besides the GetUpside promo code bonus?

GetUpside can save you hundreds every year on gas. You should also use other cashback apps such as Fluz, Fetch Rewards, Dosh, and Cash App. I used these apps and saved around $50 on average every month!

Radio Stations Promo Code list

If you are looking for radio promo codes, you can get the list here. First, try CASHBACK20 for an extra 20 cents per gallon bonus, and then try other codes at this coupon site.

Can using radio promo codes get you more bonus?

You might think that a radio ad on the GetUpside promo code might be worth more bonus than a typical GetUpside referral code. The truth is that these ads are run by a user like you who wants to spread the word and get some referral bonus. It is a win-win but those promo codes are regular referral codes.

When you enter those codes they might not work unless you have not used any code in the GetUpside app before.

Conclusion on Radio Promo Codes For Upside App

Radio promo codes mostly are created by users like you. Maybe one-day GetUpside/Upside app will promote their official app themselves on television ads or radio. That time we might try their code but I doubt that code will work only for first-time users. If you have already used a promo code before, any new code mostly likely won’t work.

I wish GetUpside provides seasonal promo codes during the summer or new year to motivate users to go on a road trip or celebrate the holiday season with a little extra bonus. Only time will tell if my hope is a dream or a prediction.