GetUpside Vs Gas Buddy

GetUpside app works only in the US (all 50 states). Available on Android and iOS smartphones.



The Gas Buddy app came out in the year 2000 but GetUpside which came a few years back in 2015 is already available to use at participating gas stations across the US.

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Now, let me tell you how the GetUpside gas app is better than Gas Buddy by looking at the features and amenities they provide:

1) What you have to do to get Cashback (GetUpside is the winner here!)

Gas Buddy:

With Gas Buddy, you have to apply for a Gas Buddy card which is a debit card that you have to apply and get it. You need to give your bank details and they verify your bank by placing a small deposit. Once verified, you will get your Gas Buddy debit card by mail. 

Now you have to this debit card to pay for your gas at the gas station. I just went to their website and it says you need to know the following things before even using your gas Buddy debit card.

  • Transactions typically take 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays) to be withdrawn

  • The pump won't show the discounted amount as this is calculated afterward

  • The card can only be used at the pumps, for fuel purchases

  • The card is processed as 'credit' and is subject to credit prices

  • If prompted for an odometer reading, you can skip the step by entering "99"

Wow! You have to understand these and use the card. All for getting a cashback on gas? You are already saying No to Gas Buddy. Don't worry. Lets' see the awesome GetUpside gas app now.


With GetUpside, you don't need to apply for a gas debit card. You don't need to understand all the conditions and assumptions as stated above and use your card. You can use your own card, any card be it a debit or credit card when you want to purchase gas.

When you need to go to the gas station for filling up a gas tank, simply find a participating gas location nearest to you and select that gas station location to start the claim process. Then, just head to the gas station and buy gasoline just like you normally do. Make sure to get the receipt for your gas purchase. Now that you have the receipt, simply upload it using the GetUpside gas app.

2) Number of participating gas stations (GetUpside is the winner here!)

GetUpside has way more gas stations that participate in the cashback programs. Gas buddy does not have that much in my personal experience and doing my online research.

Moreover, with GetUpside you can not only earn cash back on gas but you can also earn cashback on groceries! OMG! Yes, it is now expanding this offer slowly across the US. It is already available in the Washington DC area and new locations are constantly being added. 

3) In-store cashback (both are tied here)

Both GetUpside and Gas Buddy offer in-store cashback. With GetUpside the amount of cashback increase with the amount of gas you purchase. Buy more gas and you get a more cashback percentage for purchases at the same gas station!

5) Amount of cashback(GetUpside is the winner here!)

I know this is what you basically care about. The good thing is that GetUpside offers vary but you get 10 cents at least and up to 25 cents per gallon of gas in most locations in the US!!

Gas Buddy only offers 5 cents per gallon of gas in almost all gas locations in the US. Now GetUpside is clearly a winner here - no surprise.

4) Referral program (GetUpside is the winner here!)

Gas Buddy website says "Referral discounts can be used once per transaction." So, let's say you have 10  friends who sign up for Gas Buddy with your referral code, and also they pay with Gas Buddy for the first time, you will get an additional discount. Carefully note the words "for the first time", which means you get a discount only when they use your referral code for the first time. The next time thereafter they  are using it won't get you any discount (ouch!)

Let's come to the GetUpside referral program. You give your referral code to your 10 friends. You get a cashback of 2 cents per gallon every time they purchase gas and you get this referral cashback money for life! Not the first time, not until two times but for all future purchases! Whenever your 10 friends buy gas, you get 2 cents for every gallon they buy. 

Let's says your 10 friends buy 500 gallons of gas every month. You can 2 cents for a gallon which means you are going to get 10 dollars every month in referral money!! Ten dollars for doing nothing! Noway can Gas Buddy can offer this kind of referral program that works for all future gas purchases that your friends going to do.

Using GetUpside is easier now than ever!!!! Why? Because you know what? Recently GetUpside came up with a new feature where you don't have to upload your receipt. How does this work? Simply tell the app about what card you are going to use. Don't worry, GetUpside won't share your card information with others. So, yes, just enter the card that you usually use for gas purchases. 

Then the next time you buy, simply select the card that you are using to buy gas. That's all. Once you buy gas, GetUpside will automatically look up your transactions and confirms that you indeed bought the gas at the location you said you bought. No need to upload any receipt! Viola! You get your cashback in 1 to 3 days!

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Cleary GetUpside is the winner when it comes cashback app for gas. With new locations added frequently, no wonder it is available all over the US and you get cashback doing nothing but uploading your gas receipts! One warning though. Do not try to use many accounts on one smartphone device. Like, use separate smartphones for you and your wife for example. Don't log in to both of your accounts on the same phone. Doing so might trigger a signal that you are misusing the app and it might cause a delay when you redeem your cashback or try to get cashback. SO, if you are cool with that rules, GetUpside is the way to go. I am telling you, I earn on an average $500 every year on gas with the GetUpside gas app. Click here to download the GetUpside cashback gas app.

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