Is Fetch Rewards Safe? Let’s Find Out The Answer

is fetch app safe and legit and valid app does not steal credit card info
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If you are wondering if Fetch Rewards is a safe app, you have come to the right place. In the review, we will learn all the information needed to make up your mind as to whether this Fetch Rewards app is a safe app or not.

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Is the Fetch Rewards app dangerous?

If you are wondering if Fetch Rewards is dangerous, I have the complete details to prove that it is not dangerous. Fetch Rewards is so easy to use to scan your receipt and earn points. The redeem options are huge and the points accumulate pretty quickly as you upload more receipts.

Watch my video on Fetch Rewards complete review where I explain in detail how this app works and how you can use it to earn points. This YouTube video on Fetch Rewards review will help you gain confidence in the Fetch Rewards app and believe that it is not a dangerous app. It is totally safe.

Fetch Rewards app review. Find out ...
Fetch Rewards app review. Find out the pros and cons.

3 reasons why Fetch Rewards is legit

As you user of Fetch Rewards, it is important to know about safety and security. If you use Fetch Rewards and wonder if it is a legit app, you can be assured that it is indeed safe.

Fetch Rewards is safe based on the privacy policy that they have which details the security and safety of this app. It tells you how the user information is used, where it is stored, and to who it is shared.

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Let’s look at them and understand how legit and safe this Fetch Rewards app really is. These are from my own research and personal experience using this app. I read the privacy policy and terms of service and came to the following conclusions. The Fetch Rewards app is safe because of these three reasons.

Reason # 1: Your personal information is not shared

When you register an account on the fetch app, you pick your password (a strong password with eight characters is what I personally recommend). No one can access your information unless they know your password. So, keep it secure only remember it in your mind. Keep reading and I will show you are protected even when someone gets your password somehow. You are still safe. Read along and let’s see how that is so cool.

As far as Fetch is concerned, your personal information such as name, phone number, and address is not stored anywhere on their website or any of their storage. The information that the Fetch Rewards app collects from your receipt is only stored on your smartphone. Even the information stored in your smartphone is secured using technologies such as Keychain secure.


When you connect your email and Amazon account, Fetch scans your inbox securely and picks any valid eReceipts there, and awards you with points.

Personally, I keep a separate email account for apps like Fetch Rewards and other apps such as Fluz, Upside, and Cash app.

You can always skip the setup for eReceipts and continue earning points using the app by only uploading physical receipts.

The information in the receipt such as the store and items purchased are shared with market research companies and that is how Fetch Rewards get paid and you get the points for your receipts. This is what they get out of your uploaded receipts. Again, your personal information is made anonymous to the marketing companies. This is good since your purchase items and store name and location in no way can be traced to your name or home address.

Reason # 2: Your credit card information is secure

Any physical or digital receipts (e-receipt) your upload are scanned and information is verified to make the uploaded receipt a valid one.

This is the most concerned topic among Fetch Rewards users and now you know this app is safe indeed.

They only store the last four digits that appear in the receipt that you upload. This is good because the information that they share with market researchers does not need the credit card information or the type of credit card you have used to buy groceries. So you don’t have to worry if your credit card info is stolen.

That’s a big relief for me as I was concerned if my credit type being stored anywhere.

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Reason # 3: Your account password is protected even when hacked

When you register for a new Fetch Rewards account, you can select a username and strong password (12 characters in length containing a mix of uppercase, and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special characters). To make it even more secure, Fetch offers an option to authenticate your account login using the device authentication method.

fetch rewards device authentication screen in the app
Image courtesy: Fetch Zendesk

Basically, this authentication means that if someone successfully logs into your account on his/her smartphone or browser, Fetch will notice this discrepancy. Fetch will then verify the device is yours by sending you a device verification email. To see how it works, you can check their page here.

This tells us that Fetch Rewards is safe when it comes to your login credentials. Even if someone hacks and gets your username and password, they have to verify they are real by confirming the email they got from Fetch Rewards.

Reason # 4: Fetch Rewards offers the e-receipts option

Fetch Rewards is a valid app and you can make it even more secure by taking the following steps.

  • Skip the e-Receipts enrollment so you don’t have to connect your email or Amazon account to Fetch.
  • Pick a strong password (a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, with no ties to your personal information, and no dictionary words.)

Does fetch rewards steal credit card info?

You have your credit card info in your receipt and you scan it using the Fetch Rewards app. The fact is that your credit card info is safe. Fetch Rewards scans your receipt which has the last four digits of your credit card and it does not steal it and store it somewhere. Now you might wonder if that information is safe and if your privacy is guaranteed. Fetch does not steal your personal credit card information.

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Final Thoughts On “Is Fetch Rewards Safe”

Fetch Rewards is safe and legit. You can use it without thinking about privacy. Your privacy is totally guaranteed. I have been using if for several years now and redeemed e-gift cards for points.

Like any other app, you should always be careful and use a strong password. The security of the Fetch Rewards app is very good. If you have heard of any stories of people getting hacked or their passwords or personal information stolen from the app, that is most likely a hoax.

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