How Does Temu $100 Off and $200 Off Coupon Code work? Is It Legit? Complete Guide.

a valid coupon code to get $100 off on Temu purchase

You might have heard about using a Temu coupon $100 off code to save more on Temu. But you are not sure if that $100, and $200 code is legit and how it works. In this post, we will break down everything related to Temu discount codes for $100 off and how you can redeem this offer.

Once you have the Temu app and look for items, you will often see low-priced items starting from 0.39¢ and 0.99¢! Now, you can get even. more discount on other high-priced items when you apply a Temu coupon code. These coupon codes are from Temu and they are legit.

So, we will share with you some legit coupon codes. You can then apply them in your Temu Coupons & Offers screen. Not sure how to enter this code? Read along and you can learn how to enter it in the app or online.

Before we begin, if you are in a hurry and looking for a coupon code for Temu $100 off, use com93176 which gives the 100-dollar coupon bundle.

If you are looking for a $200 coupon code, you can also get that information in this post. Let’s dive in and see what is all about this Temu coupon code and how it really works.

Temu coupon & discount codes for September

Latest Temu coupons and promo codes for September 2023. Type or paste these promo codes at the checkout.

Coupon/OfferCoupon code
$100 coupon bundleCOM93176
50% off on your next orderapa79587
$25 off + 90% discountapc73529
20% OFF on home itemsapf35967
Free Shipping on order over $19afv67634
Free shipping no minimumafw50585
Free Shipping on orders over $19com01397
$200 + free shippingafv59647
Pick any 3 items for FREEord93397
$200 coupon bundleord93397
90% OFF couponapc43262
no code is needed. simply sign in and redeem this offer!apd35967
Save 50% on your next purchaseafz44604
Free shipping30% OFF on purchases of $19 or more
50% off on order $19 or aboveapa06332
$200 coupon bundle for Halloween itemsafx86616
$100 off on Home productsClick here to redeem coupon
$100 off on electronicsRedeem offer
$200 off coupon bundleClick here to spin and win $200

These are the latest codes for $100 off and $200 off. Note: We have personally tested the following codes and listed them here.

Be sure to note down the expiration date and try the ones that are still valid. Some codes don’t expire. So we recommend you try those codes first. These savings will help you get the best deal on Temu items.

These are legit codes. You should also check the terms and conditions of using a Temu coupon code.

Save up to $100 with coupon codes listed below: These codes will get you $100 to $200 in coupon bundles.

What is Temu?

Temu (pronounced as tee-moo) is an online marketplace in Boston, Massachusetts in 2022. It connects consumers with millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands worldwide. Temu’s mission is to empower users to live their best lives. Temu offers affordable and quality products at a great price. Temu is indeed a real company. You can read more on the verified facts about Temu.

Here is an excellent page to learn all about Temu. It answers all your questions from selling to purchasing to payments to refunds and more.

picture explaining what Temu stand for

When it comes to online shopping, we have seen the giants such as Amazon and eBay. They offer products at great prices. But there is another great shopping site called Temu. At Temu, you can shop and find great deals.

New users can simply click the button below to download the app with this. new user bonus applied for you automatically!

Read along and you will learn how these coupon bundles work and what are the benefits of using a coupon code.

Temu coupon bundle to get $100 off

Here’s how a coupon bundle for Temu works. Let’s say you are redeeming a legit code com93176 in Temu app. You will see that a message pops up saying that got a $100 off coupon bundle. This is an offer that applies to your subsequent purchases. That means this coupon bundle will have two coupons. They are $30 off the $100 purchase and $60 off the $200 purchase. So in total, you get $100 worth of discounts.

As shown below, you can simply scan the QR code below to see how the offer looks to you in your Temu app right now! You will see that you have got the coupon bundle offer applied to your account.

Legit Temu $100 coupon QR code

Are these Temu $100 coupon bundle codes legit?

Temu coupon codes are 100% legit because they are given to your users in the app itself. There is no catch here. I have personally seen myself and my friends use this code and get the $100 coupon bundle successfully. Every user of Temu can get a unique coupon code for the bundle and it is a valid code.

But beware of some codes that you will find online that will say that they can offer huge discounts of $200 or $300. This is true but do not click on the link. You have to enter a code so clicking on a link will not give you any coupon code. Temu has given only a $100 and $200 coupon bundle as a discount when users use a valid code such as COM93176, for example.

Now what is a $200 Coupon Bundle? How to get this Temu offer

Recently Temu has been offering users with bigger discount coupon bundle valued up to $200. That m means you can purchase $200 or more dollars of items and apply this coupon to reduce the final checkout significantly.

Here is how to get this $200 offer. First, open the Temu app and you will see a button as shown in the screenshot below.

Temu $200 Bundle offer in the app

This $200 coupon bundle is a collection of coupons that can be used to save money on a variety of different products. The bundle includes coupons for 10% off, 20% off, and 30% off select items.

This is an incredible deal that is good on any item, be it jewelry, clothing, home, or anything you can find on Temu. Don’t forget to use the coupon code com93176 which gets you $100 on top of this $200 coupon bundle.

Temu app screens hows proof that $200 coupon works

There are other ways to get a Temu 200 coupon bundle. You can sign up for the Temu newsletter or follow Temu on social media. Temu also offers coupon bundles to new customers and customers who refer their friends to Temu.

Once you have a Temu 200 coupon bundle, you can use it to save money on your next purchase. To use the bundle, simply enter the coupon codes at checkout. You can use multiple coupon codes from the bundle on the same purchase.

How can I redeem a coupon code

To redeem a coupon code on Temu website and in the Temu app, follow these steps to grab the offer instantly. But before doing that you should first sign up for a new account and then make sure you are logged into your account.

  1. Open Temu app.
  2. Now, tap on the “Profile” icon
  3. Scroll down until you see “Coupons & offers
  4. Tap on it and you will see a place to enter the coupon code
  5. Enter the coupon code com93176
  6. Now you will get the $100 off.
enter coupon code screen in Temu app

By the way, I have created this useful video on how to enter a code in Temu. This video explains this process step-by-step.

Is it worth redeeming a Temu coupon code

Whether you are a new or existing. use of Temu, you can definitely get the following benefits. You can save money when you apply a coupon code at Temu checkout:

  1. Save big. You can save on your final checkout price when you use a coupon code.
  2. Get eligible for free shipping. When you use coupon codes, you buy more and still get more discounts. Also, now your item’s total price before the discount makes you eligible for free shipping.
  3. More coupon code. When you use a coupon code, you get an additional coupon code since now you have become a loyal customer. Next time you open Temu app, you will see $200, $$125 coupon spins which you can use to get additional discounts.

There is nothing to lose, Temu even has a price match guarantee on certain items and offers generous free shipping. Using a coupon code is like a cherry on top of a delicious ice cream!

What if a coupon code did not work for me?

The coupon codes published in this post are 100% valid and have no expiry dates. Some users have had problems redeeming a code due to other reasons. Here are some common reasons why a Temu coupon code may not be working:

  • You may have entered the code incorrectly.
  • The code may have expired.
  • You have not met the minimum order requirements for the coupon.
  • You are already using another promo code.

To view your unused, used, and expired coupons, go to your Temu account page from the Temu app or and select “Coupon codes” from the menu.

Some coupons are expired coupons. You can see expired coupons in the Temu app as shown here in screenshot below.

expired coupon codes showing in Temu app

I found this “search your coupon” thing in Temu app a little odd. But anyway, give it s try and see if you can find your coupons. I did not do this because it is asking for my phone and email which I already have in my Temu account anyway. So why ask for this information again? Anyway, here is a screenshot of that screen in the app which will be useful for you to check out.


Can I use multiple coupons on Temu?

Please note that you cannot stack coupons on Temu. This means that you can only use one coupon code per order. See below the screenshot where I have a 120-dollar coupon bundle.

Temu 120 coupon bundle code

Are there any other ways to save money on Temu?

Yes, you can play games and earn points. Play this with your friends and when they win you win. Simply click on the games “Farmland”, “Fishland”, “Lucky Flip” and more that Temu adds from time to time.

Temu app screen showing fishland farmland and cash credit games.

Are coupon and cash rewards the same?

Cash rewards are another game-like feature in Temu app that you play to get free cash. Yes, real cash that you will win when you spin a wheel like the one shown in this image below. These are now as easy as it looks. You have to invite many friends and then the target of $150 for example shown here takes many friends to be invited.

That is why you should use coupon code com93176 and get the $100 savings instantly without playing these silly time-taking games. Check out my post on Temu new user hacks that show the reality of what users really get when try tricks and end up wasting time without any earning any credits or money.

Free Cash game played in Temu app


With all these things we discussed in this post, you should definitely shop in Temu with these discount codes. You can save more on already discounted items. If you think about it, many items are under a dollar (0.39¢ to 0.99¢). You will extra savings on top of these low-priced items when you use coupon code com93176.

Clearly, Temu $100 off coupon code com93176 is legit. You should use this code to get a $100 coupon bundle plus 50% off on your next purchase.

Therefore, using a coupon code is an intelligent way for first-time users of Temu. Enjoy your online shopping on Temu website or in the app with these coupon codes.

Do check out our posts on money-saving topics that will be of great help to you while you shop online.

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