Fluz Sign-up Bonus: Your Kickstart to Earning Cashback

Fluz Sign-up Bonus with man holding app in his hand

So you’ve heard about Fluz, the app that lets you earn cashback on everyday purchases. But with various rewards and features, you might wonder, “What’s the deal with the Fluz sign-up bonus?”

Don’t miss out! Sign up with Fluz using code LOVE35 for an extra 25% cashback bonus on your first purchase.

What is Fluz Sign-Up Bonus?

  • The Fluz sign-up bonus rewards you with $5 in your account simply for joining. This initial boost is a great way to experience Fluz and start earning cashback right away.
  • There are two ways to snag this bonus:
    • Sign up directly using the Fluz app or website.
    • Use a referral link shared by a friend or family member who already uses Fluz. In this case, both you and your friend will receive the $5 bonus upon your successful signup and first purchase using the app.

What can you do with your sign-up bonus?

Use it towards your next grocery run, gas fill-up, or online shopping spree! Remember, every little bit counts, and the Fluz signup bonus is your springboard to accumulating cashback on all your spending.

Benefits of Using Fluz Beyond the Sign-Up Bonus:

  • Earn Cashback on Everyday Spending: Fluz isn’t just limited to groceries or gas. Earn cashback at your favorite stores, restaurants, and on online purchases.
  • Multiple Cashback Rates: Fluz offers tiered cashback rates, so you can earn even more on specific categories or brands you love.
  • Easy Cashout: Transfer your earned cashback directly to your bank account or use it for future purchases through the Fluz app.
  • Referral Program: Keep the bonus train going! Share your own referral link with friends and family and earn additional cashback when they sign up and shop with Fluz.

Ready to join the Fluz community?

Download the app, sign up using a referral link if you have one, and start earning rewards on your everyday purchases. The $5 sign-up bonus awaits!

Get 25% Bonus Cashback With Fluz App Referral Code LOVE35