Why Did Your Message Got Removed By Mercari Admin?

When you sell or buy on Mercari, you might have encountered this surprise situation where you see your message being deleted by admin. What could be the reason? Well, there are a few possible reasons as we will go through in this post.

Messaging on the Mercari platform

When you or someone on the Mercari platform uses a chat room to have a conversation, we call this messaging. It is a way of letting the seller know that you have a question for example about the product that you are going to buy from this seller. This chatroom is automatically motored by the admin bot.

mercari general chat for seding receving message

What is the reason for a message to get deleted by the admin?

While you are chatting with a buyer or seller in a conversation about a product on Mercari, a message could be deleted by the admin for various reasons.

Now, why this message was deleted depends on many factors.

Violation of Mecari’s guidelines can lead to message deletion by the admin

When a message has content that violates the platform guidelines it will be deleted automatically by admin bots. Sometimes a real human moderating the rooms might take action and delete that message.

Does your contain a profane word? Is your message against the guidelines? Check if your message falls into one of the following prohibited behaviors. If the answer is yes, that is the reason why your message was deleted.

  1. I am sending chat messages aimed at intimidating, belittling, or harassing another user.
  2. I am listing items affiliated with hate groups or promoting violence.
  3. I am sending messages or listing items containing racial slurs.
  4. Listings or messages that have false information.

Other reasons your Mercari message was deleted

Sometimes the admin can delete a message if that message provokes an argument. In other cases, it might be deleted simply because the sender deleted it. Maybe the message was worded poorly or they made a typo in the price of the product, etc.. and hence wanted to delete that message.

In rare cases, it might deleted due to technical issues like a glitch or something similar.

Awareness of why a message can be deleted is very helpful as a seller. This is because you can maintain your reputation by avoiding pitfalls leading to deletion and ultimately banning of your account.

As a buyer, these guidelines will ensure that you have a good buying experience at Mercari and enjoy your shopping. Hope this post helped you uncover the truth of why your message got deleted. Remember, Mercari only takes deletion action if it fits a particular violation scenario as explained in this post. If you think the message was clean and still got deleted, it might be that the algorithm wrongly flagged your word as a slur for example. Contact customer service and report this immediately so they can prevent this from happening in the future, Most importantly your reputation on this platform will enhanced as well,

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