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Money Can't Buy Everything In Life - Here's Why

coins and hearts - money can't buy love

To live, you need to eat which is the least of all. Yes, you need money to buy food if you in a city or anywhere in the neighborhood. Of course you can live in a forest and hunt for animals and eat it. That is free.

But what we need to understand is that money is a need and not a want in anyone's life.

In the olden days, people earned money in many ways such as:

  • Steel.

  • Banking.

  • Real Estate.

  • Oil.

  • Automobiles.

  • Cotton.

  • Railway and transport services.

Nowadays, with the advent of information technology aka the Internet, if you will, people have found innovative ways to earn money working from home, working from their bed, and yeah passive income where they don't have to do anything and money comes into their bank account from various sources.

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I used to think money can only buy tangible things - things that we can touch and feel like the diamond ring or the potato chips that we all love. Well, money itself has become intangible recently under the name "digital currency".

According to a recent study from Purdue which was published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, the ideal income for life satisfaction in North America is $105,000.

There are some things that money cannot buy for sure. Let's take a look at them.


Money certainly cannot buy the love of any person in this world or even a person living in mars so to speak. You can pay someone a million dollars and that person might put up with you and pretend to love you. But you won't feel that person's true love unless he/she has that feeling towards you and likewise.

You know this already - self-explanatory otherwise. Let's continue.

Money cannot buy health

Money can not buy education (even if it does eventually people will find out how smart you are indeed)

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