Why Are Gas Prices Going Up In Florida 

Gas prices have always been going up and especially in Florida this is true. Let’s see why gas prices are going up and the reasons behind it. We will also see some ways you can save money on gas and also find cheap gas stations.

Top reasons why gas prices go up in Florida

I have done my research online and found these reasons why the gas price has gone so high in Florida in recent years. It is good to understand the different perspectives on why gas prices have increased.

American Automobile Association (AAA) says that gas prices have risen 17¢/gal recently and prices go up to $3.6 in some places.

  1. Gas Buddy’s head of petroleum says that higher gas prices are due to continued refinery challenges and rising oil prices pulled pump prices higher across the majority of the country.
  2. Some AAA officials say that economic growth in China is causing an increase in gas prices. The increased demand for oil in China due to its reopened economy has a direct effect on gas prices at the pump.

Some high-priced locations in Florida at the time of writing this post. You can check GasBuddy for the latest gas prices.

image showing some high gas price location sin Florida

How you can save on gas in Florida

Gas prices are not in our control but yet there are ways we can save money on gas. Finding cheap gas stations is one thing. But driving 10 miles just to save 10¢/gal is an entirely different thing and it is obviously a waste of time and gas.

I use this free gas cash back call Upside which you must try. It can save you at least 25¢/gal on average on gas purchases. There are lots of Upside participating gas stations in the state of Florida where you can use Upside.

Right now you can download Upside using this invite link and get 25¢ on your first gas purchase. If you already have the app, you can apply some promo codes to boost your cash-back bonus.


Gas prices in Florida will continue to rise and then they might come down for some time. These highs and lows of gas prices are out of control. But there are ways you can cope with these rises in gas prices by using cashback apps like Upside and Gas Buddy. Not to mention buying an electric vehicle if you can afford it.

Check out my post on the best cashback apps to save money on mundane things which will certainly help you survive with these high gas prices.